Hey Sunday Night

Hi lovely internet friends!

It’s Sunday Night and I am enjoying a post coma food and drink due to Supper Club.
Supper Club if a group of 9 couples where we get together once a month (one group of four couples, one group of five) and share a meal together. No potluck, no sharing, the host couple does all. So twice a year we get to conceive a meal and cocktails and ten months of the year we get to enjoy a free evening of good food, drinks, and company. It’s win/win.

It was the perfect end to a busy weekend full of the EPIC GARAGE SALE we hosted. After it ended Saturday, we cleaned out our garage. And then I went to bed at nine.

This Sunday should have been full of the lazy but instead it was full of Waffle house breakfasts and Girl Scout meeting where I talked about gardening and Earth Day. Often at these things I am expecting someone to bust me at impersonating a responsible adult. But even though I have been asked to leave the PTA, no one has stopped me yet.

So I wind down my weekend by browsing the Minted site, purveyors of business cards, stationary, art prints, and graduation announcements. They emailed me asking if I would like a credit to their site and I screamed in internet speak YES! I am such a paper nerd.

Tonight I go to sleep dreaming of lamb lasagna, garage sale pedicure money, the world’s fanciest business cards, and patches for rainbow spotting. I hope your dreams are as nice as mine.

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