Happy Everything with HP StickAPic

As the holiday season approaches, I can feel everyone’s stress levels start to rise. But it totally doesn’t have to be that way. A few years back I decided to fight back against the craziness and chill out. Because in a world where people, argue over red cups at Starbucks we all need to have a sense of humor. So we throw a casual fun holiday party.

This year with a sponsored #StickAPic party with HP. Incorporating their new Social Snapshots app and their cool new sticky photo paper. Though most of my blogging comtemporaries went with cool DIY crafts, we went with some pure fun. After seeing the party kit…. with fun supplies with Michaels and tons of photo paper my mind immediately turned to a photo game with a holiday twist…
Stick A Pic Party Kit

I hope you get inspired to have your own non stress event!
And Happy everything!

Let me start by delving a little into the HP Snapshots app (available for both Android and Apple platforms.) The app pulls photos from your phone, as well as your Instagram, Facebook, and Flickr accounts. You can customize your frame (the kids were crazy over the Doc McStuffins one) and text.


We asked our guests to download the app and play around with it before they came. But then we really kicked it into high gear by having them print pictures on the new HP Social Media Snapshots paper. These sticky photo sheets make for instant fun.

Then we had a fun plan for our friends when they showed up to find and print what was their number one holiday wish, be it a gift or just something fun. They got stuck all over our windows and then people got to guess which one was whose. Unfortunately no one was into letting me share theirs, so here is the example I put up with an appropriately goofy picture of me.


Of course, we wouldn’t ask our friends over and not let them print any of their own shots. We set out craft paper for them to stick pictures to. If they wanted to save them for later, they could roll them up into craft tubes. I am sure you could do some kind of crafty thing with toilet paper tubes but I snagged these ready made ones at Michaels.

Want to have some #StickAPic fun of your own? Download the HP Snapshots app and pick up some HP Social Media Snapshots photo paper. Right now it’s a Staples exclusive. And now through November 30th, HP Social Media Snapshots are Buy One Get One Free at Staples when you use this link bit.ly/snapshotsbogo and click “redeem now”. I would love to hear your ideas on how you plan to use it! We are thinking of doing a large scale Advent calendar on the windows.

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