Halloween, Yay!

Confession: I am a total holiday dork. I love the decorations and the special foods and the general giddiness that surrounds them. For this I place the blame squarely on my mother’s shoulders. She made holidays so fun and so special (and yes stressful at times but I mainly remember the special.) Lately I have really been trying to emulate her by not just putting the decorations up but by going the next step and coming up with fun things to do.

So after we put up window clings the girls and I sat down to get our Play-Doh on with some fun ideas I got from the new Play-Doh Playdates section on the Hasbro website. Have you seen the playdates section? They have great themed ideas for play dates (or just an afternoon of fun) completely with play doh activities, printable crafts, and snacks. Lucky for me, they just came out with their Haunted House play date.

I had the laptop close by so I could show the girls the steps as we worked on our ghost, cauldron, and spider web. It was great to have the visuals since I was having a hard time explaining the rolling technique. Plus we got to practice our sequencing.

Unfortunately, only our ghost turned out anything like the pictures (you can see it in our collage above) but we had a lot of fun working on them. I am looking forward to trying out some of the other ideas like the Art and Fall ones.

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  1. That would be helpful for me- the boys love play-doh but I hate it because it always just ends up with all the colors mixed together. Maybe if we had steps to follow it would discourage them from just making all the play-doh brown.

  2. That looks like a lot of fun! Halloween is definitely one of my favorite holidays!

  3. I think the ghost is adorable! Any type of craft that you do with your children is worth it for the time you get to spend together.

  4. Oh, I’m right there with you girl. Love holidays, love the decorations. Especially Halloween. My dilemma right now is that I have a very persistent 13-month-old who LOVES her some grabbin’ and breakin’. We may need to table the indoor decor until next year.

  5. Aww that’s really cute! Looking at their site, the ghost may be the only one my 3 year old could manage, too. The cauldron is cute though!

  6. Love, love, love Halloween. It’s pretty much the only holiday I feel that way about. That PlayDoh ghost is adorable. I mean, spoooky!

  7. Now I just feel like a bad mom… I haven’t even considered doing anything like this with my youngest. I’m not even sure he knows what play-doh is!

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