Taking a Tech Break

fall foliage

Last week I tweeted that I needed to get off the internet except that my job was working on the internet. There’s the rub isn’t it? Between my freelance jobs, maintaining my group blog, writing on this blog, tweeting, going through email, playing Words with Friends, working my way through Facebook, and checking into FourSquare I spend way too much time on the internet. It’s no wonder that my girls have started telling me “Shut the computer mommy!”

See that gorgeous view I posted above? It’s out my living room window but I never see it. Because my back is to it while I stare at my laptop. It’s a shame. So when Hallmark contacted me about their “blogout” movement encouraging bloggers (and anyone one a little too plugged in) to push the “pause” button, I figured what could it hurt.

Their words: “Our Life is a Special Occasion encourages us to pause and recognize those unplanned, perfectly imperfect moments we share with our loved ones — the moments that take place in between life’s big milestones. We are not suggesting a retirement of your smart phones, televisions or computers. We are asking you to turn off technology for a moment, an afternoon or even a day to give you time to celebrate the unplanned, perfectly imperfect moments you share with those who mean the most to you. Turn off technology and turn up the relationships with those around you.”

I mean, how can you turn that down?

I couldn’t give it up entirely but I did make an effort over the weekend (and Halloween) to put the phone now, close the laptop, and enjoy life. I stayed at my daughter’s Halloween party instead of rushing home to check to see what I “missed” on Twitter and Facebook. Instead of snapping pics with my iPhone and uploading them to share when we raked leaves, I broke out the camera and took some high quality shots. I found that when my girls heard less of me saying “one more minute” they were actually more patient. We were actually able to record the recordable storybook Hallmark sent us without a twin fight.

So though I won’t be giving up the internets any time soon; I will be making more of an effort to make them an addition to my day instead of my focus. Moments are just as memorable without Instagraming them.


  1. I don’t do games, I don’t do freelance, I do have my blog, emails, reviews, fb, twitter ect and a beautiful life outside I feel I am missing a lot of as well. Love this post and I to need to learn to “unplug” a few hours a day to enjoy life as we use to know it! Thanks for the great reminder 🙂

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