Hall Closet Makeover

Part of my summer bucket list is cleaning out my closets. I have about eight weeks of home time during the summer and eight closets in my home so it seems like a natural project to take on.  I eased into it this week with our hall closet. A major selling point of our house was this closet. For some reason having a place for people to hang their coats seemed to make this place feel like a “grown up” home.

Even though we don’t often use it since we enter our home through the garage, the closet is still a repository for coats of the moment and shoes that we don’t want the dog to chew on. And during the winter, mittens and hats get stashed here. I also like to stick my boots there during Missouri’s mud season, also know as Spring.  In my head I thought a shoe rack and some bins for items that would be returned to their owners would be perfect. So what did I end up with? Take a look.

The changes were pretty simple. I added hooks for the girls backpacks so that they could hang them up themselves. Once those were in, I thought a shoe rack was too much so I put a bin at the bottom right. It’s woven plastic so it can be rinsed out if necessary.  The rug underneath will help soak up rainwater and snow from boots. Plus it provides a nice pop of color. There are two bins on the top shelf: a large one for items that we need to pass on to friends and a small one that holds sunscreen and sunglasses right now and will hold mittens, hats, etc. in the winter.

I spent a little more than I wanted: $3.14  for the rug and $18 for the three bins. But for the organization and look of one of the first things our guests see, I think it was worth it. What do you think?


One more thing… when we opened the closet after we moved in, we got a pleasant surprise:

We missed it in our whirlwind pre-buy look (we bought the house about six hours after it went on the market). It’s just an unexpected piece of whimsy.


  1. I love the makeover. It’s crazy how a few little changes can make sure a big difference! & how cool is that heart!

  2. That looks great! But it looks like you only have one coat each, our closet is overflowing with coats for every season. I tried some organizing though. I used a hanging bin for the kids hats and mittens, and two bins on the top shelf for my husband an my hats and scarves etc. Now, to purge the jackets, scarves, hats, mittens, etc!

    • We only keep in season coats, one apiece in the hall closet so we have room for guests. Other coats go in the closet with out of season ones stores (along with winter accessories!)

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