Hacking Halloween with Life 360

As an ambassador for Life 360, I feel a little like a cult leader. I can’t help it though. This app is an awesome family (or should that be frambily) communication tool. To encourage you to try it, I have come up with some fun ways to use it to make your Halloween more fun and way safer.
Hacking Halloween with Life 360

1. Not wanting to be too overbearing with your teens? Have them check in with you using Life 360. You will not be scared by anything else than Freddy knowing where they are and also knowing they aren’t broadcasting their location to everyone out there.

2. Ever done a pre-Trick or Treat party? Our playgroup has one every year and it’s a great way to force some food into your kids before the candy smorgasbord. Set up a circle and have everyone chime in with what they are bringing so there’s no overlap. And if you are hosting, you can send out your last minute SOS for ice. Guests will get an alert and can stop off on their way.

3. Some houses don’t stock goodies for kiddos. Though if they knew how adorable your kiddos were, they totally would. Send out a neighborhood blast now and ask people to chime in with whether or not they will be treating. Then those who chose to abstain won’t be tricked.

4. Got a kiddo with allergies? Then Halloween truly is the scariest time of the year for you. Use circles to send out a message to your friends with treats your kid needs to say boo to. Even is they are aware of your kiddo’s needs, may not know that fun sizes of treats often have different ingredients than the regular sizes.

5. As our kids get older, we see our group separating more and more as the faster and older kids run ahead while us littles and slow walkers lag behind. Being able to locate them allows peace of mind. Consider having one of your older kids or a speedy adult be your designated check iner. Leave the scares to your little goblins.

Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!

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