Hacking Education with the AIO

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After a touch school year last year, I have strong feelings on education, mainly that you have to have a strong hand in directing your child’s path. There have been numerous articles in the past year on “hacking education” as well as incredible home school innovations. And while we are not ready to take on all or even most of the advice, we are rethinking how we learn.

And it’s only natural that we integrate the AIO into that.
Hacking Education AIO

As I said in my last post, Intel AIO has been useful for us since we can move it from one girl’s room to the other, but we have also found it to be a powerful tool for co-learning. Even though we have twins, we have two learners on very different levels. Which can make homework time a challenge.

But we have found that having the AIO is helping a lot with that. The videos we play on it provide visuals that both can absorb and can be both a teaching tool and a reinforcement tool for them. Often one will push play to repeat the video while the other works on the problem. I strongly belive that adding the audio reinforcement will only help her absorb the lessons.

We have also been using the AIO to play music while the girls work. There has been a lot of research into audio stimulation while learning. And while I only understand a tenth of it, I do think that playing music is helping them relax and if it makes their brain work a little bit differently, then all the better.

And of course, we do use the screen as an additional educational resource. At first I was leery of adding in more screen time. But since the smart board is used so often in the classroom, my girls are already used to it as a teaching tool. We asked their teachers for a list of sites and resources that they use but we have also added in a few ourselves.

I am not setting out to sell anyone on the concept, especially in a sponsored post, but I hope you have enjoyed the insight into what we are doing and I would love to get your feedback! Do you use screens? What are some sites you visit with your kids? Do you find interactive touch screens helpful or distracting?

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