Guest Post : Easy Spooky Halloween Treats

What a day, I make the Aiming Low Twitter list and I get to feature a guest post from the Queen of Sparkle Ms. Emily, aka @ColoradoMom. For more amazing recipes as well as toy reviews, crafts, and parent talk check out her site ColoradoMoms.

Monster Cake Pops

Cake Pops from @ColoradoMom of

Everyone loves cake pops. If you haven’t heard of this craze, let me introduce you. Cake pops are yummy, mini balls of cake dipped in candy melts and decorated to look like just about anything. There are many websites, books and blogs dedicated to these tasty treats and now they even sell cake pop makers to make it even easier to craft these bite sized delectables.

In my circle of friends, I’m becoming known for my cake pops. I will spend hours upon hours crafting them expertly, only to be a bit sad when they are eaten. I take many pictures to remind myself of how awesome they were before the kids got a hold on them. I’ve made alien cake pops for a Toy Story 3 party, ice cream cake pops for another party and even made over 60 cake pops in my kids school colors to sell at their bake sale.

This week, it’s all about Halloween! I found bright green candy melts and some candies shaped as eyeballs. Naturally I did what any sane woman would do in the middle of the craft store. I shrieked and grabbed as many of them my arms could carry. Now I get to share the monster cake pops with you and give you my not-so-secret recipe for them.

Bakerella first introduced me to cake pops three years ago. Her original post and recipe can be found here. I don’t want to take credit for her work as it’s her recipe I go to time and time again.

Basically, you bake a cake as usual and then crumble it once it’s cooled and add a half cup (or more) of frosting to it. Shape into balls, freeze and viola: the base for your cake pops.

Here is where I get crafty with it. For the monster cake pops I melted the lime green candy wafers (you can find these at most craft/hobby stores) and dipped a lollipop stick in and then put them in the frozen cake ball and let harden. I usually pop these in the freezer in batches of twelve to make it easier.

After you have your cake-on-a-stick, I dipped them back into the melted candy wafers and let the excess drip off. I took an extra lollipop stick and started tapping the melted candy wafers all over the place. While still warm, I put a candy eyeball right smack dab in the middle of it all and let cool.

That’s it! Really, these monster pops are probably the easiest to make because you don’t have to be perfect. Each monster is a little different and you don’t have to get a smooth coating of the candy on them. Try it for yourself! Your kids will thank you.


  1. I wish I knew about these when I threw my daughter a Nice Monster party. These are AMAZING!!!!

  2. Congrats, you A Lister.! he he Very cute! Thinking the kids like these best of all! huh?
    Thanks for sharing.

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