Grill Out : Grilling Shortcuts

We are determined to grill out every weekend this summer. It’s going to be a tight fit with all the other summer weekend things we want to do but fortunately I have short cuts. Today I am sharing two of my favorites:

Grilling Shortcut Ribs

Ribs are the hidden secret of grill outs. You can pick up an awesome rack of smoked ribs from your favorite meatery and have them ready to serve in twenty minutes or so. The ones above are from Missouri local Burgers Smokehouse. I am obsessed with their hickory smoked ribs. they sent me some recently and we went through the rack in point two seconds. For guests, I like to cut up the smoked ribs on a platter. Side note: they are also fabulous for cocktail parties. Their sauced ones are awesome too. To warm up sauced ribs, place heavy duty foil on the low heat of the grill and let them sit for about fifteen minutes. Then take the whole piece of foil (with oven gloves on!) and slide onto a platter.

Grill Shortcuts Sliders
Sliders are my other go to. They are way easier than cooking burgers, especially for a crowd. They are super simple to make but if you are feeling lazy most grocery stores make them. For rolls, check out dinner rolls or King’s Hawaiian mini rolls. Then set up a condiment bar. Or do a pre-dinner foraging trip. Seriously, your kids will flip over this! Check out this guide to backyard plants you can eat and use them as toppings.

Hope these two ideas get you in the backyard and grilling ASAP. Do you have a favorite grilling shortcut?

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