Green Cleaning With Scotch-Brite

This morning I finally woke up feeling somewhat normal. I spent the last week suffering from a vicious sinus infection that not only made me feel like I was trying out for the Walking Dead but also like a walking germ fest. I easily could have taken over Gwyneth’s role in Contagion. Logically I knew that I wasn’t contagious but I still felt like I was spreading germs with every cough.

Usually I am a dishtowel and white vinegar girl. The hippie in me hates the waste of paper towels and wipes and with little kids around, I try to stay away from harsh cleaners. Plus there’s that whole antibacterial products just build super germs thing. But I was zapped. So I broke out my sample of Scotch-Brite Botanical Disinfecting Wipes.

These wipes are powered by Clean Well. Clean Well harnesses the natural antiseptic power of thyme. So the wipes are safe for even the kiddos to use. I remain a dishrag girl but these are handy to have around for those quick clean up jobs. Or for when I want to utilize my kids as free labor. Plus, I now have a safe alternative to send to preschool when they make their frequent requests for cleaning wipes.

Let Scotch-Brite make you a believer too. Enter below to win a basket with Scotch-Brite Botanicial wipes and an assortment of 3M school supplies (perfect for teacher gifts!)

Disclosure: 3M provided me with samples to try out because I never giveaway or recommend anything I haven’t tried myself.


  1. I used the Scotch Brite wipes in my classroom this year. I love the smell of the lemongrass ones! I also love, love the way they leave a surface and my hands clean but not tacky/sticky.

  2. Semi-feral Mama says:

    I am tired of saying to my kids, ” you can’t touch it. It is chemicals.”. First it is poor grammar, second it makes no sense, third if I think a product is dangerous why do I have it in my house? And yet, these days we are a wipes family. I would love a new option.

  3. I like that they use natural ingredients as a disinfectant.

  4. I bet these smell great!

  5. Heidi Kennedy says:

    I have been wanting to try the new wipes. I likemthe notion ofbthem using natural ingredients.

  6. Amanda Hoffman says:

    im pregnant so want something that cleans and is safe

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