Got Babysitters? Get Them Scheduled with Sitter Scout!

The weekend is fast approaching. Have you scheduled any you time?

Yes, I know, childhood is fleeting and all that. But a happy parent is a good parent. And you need some time to yourself! And if you’re partnered up, you and your better half almost certainly need some couple time.

So what keeps us from doing it? I know one issue for me is actually remembering to not only get the dates on the calendar but also getting a sitter for those events we can’t miss. My bookkeeping leaves something to be desired. I often have to hunt down scraps of paper to get find names and numbers. And when I do it’s a convoluted system to actually get them scheduled. Half the time I end up with two sitters and half the time I end up with none at all.

Enter This new site not only allows you to store all of your sitters’ information and the dates you need them, it also allows you to schedule your babysitters (from your desktop or smartphone.)

It only took me a few minutes (well a few minutes after I tracked down those scraps of paper) to get everyone’s info (email and phone) entered. Then I took a look at April, decided when I needed dates, and sent out my requests. They received them in the favored communication of youngsters (texting, email is so passe) and were able to text me back a yes or a no.

Check it out:

Easy, peasy, shomeasy.

Yeah baby, April is going to be all about me. Oh, and date night too. Join me won’t you? Give SitterScout a whirl!

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post.


  1. AAahhhh… l remember how easy was to get a sitter living in the States…
    here is such a pain in the ass production…

  2. This is such an easy way to get ahold of babysitters! I mean, now you don’t have to sit and call sitter after sitter. LOVE this program!

  3. Such a great idea. Off to tell the sitter…

  4. My days of needing babysitters is over (yes, I waited many long years before my girls were old enough to BE the babysitters….but NOW, I am trying to get my kids babysitting jobs. I would love to have a service like this for THEM!

  5. My teenager is now my babysitter when needed, however I love how most services nowadays are using iPhone apps. That is perfect!

  6. Susan Heintz says:

    You mention beer twice in your first paragraph on the “about” page. I’m trying to figure out the deeper meaning to that…

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