Good to see you 2013!

So yea, I realize that 2013 arrived a few weeks back but while people were coming up with inspiring words of the year for themselves I was sitting on the sofa stuffing as much food and alcohol in my mouth before my new and improved new year day date of January 5th.

What can I say? I was born at 8:10pm. I have always liked to be fashionably late.

And then last week was spent crying into my pillow every night because my muscles hurt so much and I couldn’t drink any wine to soothe them. First world problems indeed. But I made it to the other side and here I am writing again on my own little piece of the internet. 2012 was a weird year for me online. I had some incredible highs (speaking at SWSWi and then again at BlogHer, being involved with the Toyota Women) but I finished the year feeling low and discouraged after seeing some not so awesome behavior from people while I was seeing such hard times for people in my life offline.

But as I considered this year and what I wanted from it, I realized that I still wanting blogging to be a part of it. Writing online is modern storytelling to me. And this year, the first year my girls are attending school full time promises to be full of stories.

Every year I make a number of resolutions for the year. What is different this year is that I am committed to following through on them. So here they are…

13 Goals for 2013

  1. Get rid of 2013 items
  2. Find makeup that makes up a routine and wear it
  3. Write a letter every week
  4. Exercise as a family
  5. Use Pinterest actively instead of just pinning things from it
  6. Get to 150 pounds and maintain it for the year
  7. Save $1000 towards going to Paris for my fortieth birthday
  8. Do a better job of documenting my children’s childhoods
  9. Reignite my love for blogging
  10. Makes SNT a workable resource
  11. Commit to vlogging once a week
  12. Find volunteer work for me to do personally and for us to do as a family
  13. Organize our digital photos


  1. Your goals are insightful and INSPIRING! Starting with getting rid of 2013 items. Sounds like a challenge and a reachable goal all-in-one. Good luck and I can’t wait to hear how it goes! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Excellent goals! I love the goal for saving up for Paris. That’d be an amazing experience and I hope you’re able to do it for your birthday!

  3. Trip to Paris!! Sounds totally fun! I hope you get to go. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. What a great list of goals. I started my goals a bit late too, I had some chocolate left over that I was not going to throw away. I just pretended the 1st came a little later.

  5. Love the idea of getting rid of 2013 items! I’m wanting to downsize the clutter in my life!

  6. Love how pragmatic and doable this list seems. Hope our paths cross in 2013!

  7. Great goals! It’s nice to have a new year to start fresh.

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