Giving Back on Giving Tuesday

Yesterday was the first Black Friday in a long time where I bought NOTHING. I have never been one to get up at three am but since we had the girls, I have found myself sucked into causal shopping where I usually end up buying things I hadn’t planned on. I actually think it can be a great day to score deals and god knows, I love shopping. But during the holiday season, it’s really easy to get caught up in the rush of gift giving and forget about just giving.

which is why I was thrilled when offered the chance to partner with Give Forward for a sponsored post on Giving Tuesday.
Giving Tuesday with Give Forward
If you’re not familiar with Giving Tuesday, read on for what it is about and how Give Forward fits into the Giving Tuesday mission.

Held the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, December 2nd this year, Giving Tuesday is a day dedicated to true giving. The goal is to boost humanity rather than the economy. To participate, take the time to give money to a cause you care about or perform an act or service for someone. This doesn’t have to be something big. It could be as simple as raking your neighbor’s residual leaves before snow blankets their yard.

By participating in Giving Tuesday we are also giving our self a boost and making giving a part of our lives. If we share that giving, it can stop the bystander effect and cause a ripple of giving.

Give Forward is a site that helps you create fundraisers for people in need. The set up is simple and the fees are low so you can get going immediately and feel secure that the most money possible is going towards the people who need it. What really sets the site apart is that they give you tons of creative ideas on how to make your fundraiser a success and they put you in contect with a personal coach.

What will you do to celebrate Giving Tuesday?

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