Giveaway : Mother’s Day Renewal Package

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What better gift for mom than the gift of renewal? Nurturing goes hand in hand with mothering, but so many of us forget the crucial step of nurturing ourselves. So I am thrilled to offer you a chance to spend some time focusing on you!

Mother's Day Giveaway Self Renewal Package

Convinced? Comment below with why is self-care important and you will be entered to win a a Self-Renewal Package which includes a copy of the beautifully illustrated, award winning books, The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal or Nurturing the Soul of the Family and free registration to the Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal Online Telecourse (a $125 total value) from nationally recognized life balance teacher, Renee Peterson Trudeau and Hopeful World Publishing. Additionally you will be entered to win the $2700 Year-of-Self-Care Mother’s Day Giveaway.

Not convinced?
Click below for 7 reasons to practice self-care:

Renee’s thoughts on self care:
There are many, many benefits to making self-renewal a priority (read more). For me, practicing self-care (and ultimately learning to embrace self-acceptance and self-love) has helped me to:

  1. be more easy-going and to learn to “go with the flow”
  2. see that little things stay little (my son not picking up his dirty socks) and don’t become front page news
  3. have more space around my thoughts and become more present (more responsive, less reactive)
  4. be kinder and more compassionate (whether it’s with a waitress, family member or business partner)
  5. connect more deeply to the sacred and the spiritual aspects of every day life
  6. react less and Live Inside Out more (read more)
  7. sense my connection to everything around me and how interwoven we all are

But most importantly, this practice has helped me know that even when everything and everyone around me seems to be falling apart, I can still feel ok on the inside. And ultimately, this underlying, unwavering sense of peace and well-being is what we’re all seeking, isn’t it?

Renee has been featured in Family Circle, the New York Times, Good Housekeeping and is on faculty at world-renowned retreat centers Kripalu and Omega. She teaches, speaks, writes and coaches worldwide on life balance and how to find peace in everyday life. She is also the creator of the global Personal Renewal Group Program for mothers; hundreds of RTA-Certified Facilitators are leading self-care circles/retreats each month around the world from Munich to Minneapolis.



  1. I need this! Those little things do need to stay little (perspective I guess), and I do need to be more responsive.
    Nurturing yourself is so important. I really have to do better and remembering this.

  2. Thank you so much Kate for reminding women about how important it is to practice self-care and for sharing the Mother’s Day giveaway. Warmly, Renee.

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