Giveaway For Non BlogHer Attendees : Mamarazzi and Plate to Pixel

So it’s finally the week of the BlogHer conference and if you’re not going you’re probably sighing a huge sigh of relief that a week from today it will all be over and your favorite tweeters and bloggers will finally start talking about something else. Even though I am going, I feel your pain. There’s nothing worse than hearing about something you can’t go to constantly. So I would like to give you a piece of BlogHer!

Even though the talk may be all about the parties on twitter, the real meat of the BlogHer conference is the learning opportunities the sessions offer.  I can’t pack you in my bag for my geek bar appointment and the photography roundtable I am attending. But I can give you some of the knowledge through two informative books from Wiley publishing about digital photography.

The first is Mamarazzi, an every mom’s guide to taking better pictures of your kids. It is a must have for any mommy blogger. It will ” show you how to compose shots, handle cameras from basic compacts to advanced dSLRs, take portraits or candids, create prints that impress, and even work with kids! Packed with beautiful examples and written in a down-to-earth style from one mom to another, this book will help mamarazzis everywhere take better photos.”

Image Credit : Wiley Publishing

The second book is Plate to Pixel, a digital food photography and styling guide. This book will “Discover how the food stylist exercises unique techniques to make the food look attractive in the finished product. You’ll get a taste of the visual know-how that is required to translate the perceptions of taste, aroma, and appeal into a stunning, lavish finished photograph.”

Plate to Pixel Digital Food Photography

Image credit : Wiley Publishing

Want a copy? Leave a comment telling me which book you would like before 11:59pm on August 7th. The only requirement is that you not be attending BlogHer. Attending BlogHer and want a copy for yourself? They are both available for $29.95 through the Wiley site. Ebooks are also available. If you would be so kind I would love it if you would like my Facebook page too.


Disclosure: I was given these books as a personal gift. This giveaway is not sponsored by Wiley Publishing.  Shipping to send the books to you is courtesy of my spare change piggy bank.




  1. Ooh! I just got Plate to Pixel, so I would love to get my hands on Mamarazzi!

  2. I’ll be at BlogHer, so I’m not entering. I just want to say that From Plate to Pixel is a fantastic book for food photographers.

  3. Ooooh I would love the Mamarazzi one! Have fun at the conference and give Jen Reeves a huge hug for me!!!

  4. kate van cantfort says:

    Oh, I wish I could be a little birdy on your shoulder forBlogHer. I would seriously love either book, if I have to choose it might have to be Momarazzi

  5. I would LOVE Plate to Pixel, and I REALLY need it! MY food photography skills are not so hot, please pick me and have fun at Blogher! If you choose me, you won’t even have to mail it since I’m in Como 🙂

  6. Oooh I would love Plate to pixel. Have fun at

  7. I would love the Mamarazzi one. I am not going to blogher so I hope we will get to meet again soon.. Passing party ships.
    aka babypop

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