Gift Guide : Mighty Leaf Tea Gift Sets

As a tea drinker, I sometimes feel left out of the red cup craze of the holidays. Gift sets for coffee drinkers abound while us poor tea drinkers are left clutching our tea bags and seeking the aisles for holiday blends. If you have a tea drinker in your life, indulge them with one of the Mighty Leaf tea gift sets. I was lucky enough to receive the Chai Tea Collection set to review.

Chai Tea Collection Gift Set description:
“Take a journey to a colorful and aromatic street market in Bombay with the Mighty Leaf Chai Tea Collection set. Become your own chai wallah (a chai tea maker in India). Steep Mighty Leaf Tea Bombay Chai in our insulated stainless steel mug with lid. Add steamed milk and sugar and and inhale the aromas of cinnamon, ginger, pepper, cardamom, clove and star anise.

The 12 oz mug is 18/8 stainless steel and double-wall insulated to keep tea hot or cold longer. Includes 15 pouches of Mighty Leaf Tea Bombay Chai, a lively whole leaf Indian black tea flavored with spices. Retails on for $24.95.”

I have spent many wonderful Fall mornings drinking chai on the go from my mug.
Especially since I have been using their brewing tips!

• Prepare your tea with filtered or bottled water. Avoid tap, distilled, or mineral water.
• Be sure not to over-boil the water as it makes flat tasting tea.
• For black tea and herbals, hot water is key! Please do not let the water sit and cool before adding the
tea pouch.
• Immerse the tea pouch completely in the hot water and move it back and forth several times to maximize
water flow through the bag.
• Steep 4 to 5 minutes for black tea
• Store tea in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Click through for a great twist on eggnog and a chance to win a Bombay Chai gift set!

Chai Eggnog:
Steep Bombay Chai from Mighty Leaf Tea in hot water, chill it, and add sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and eggnog. Mighty Leaf’s Chai Nog Latte recipe has just the right aroma to bring back Holiday memories.

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  1. I love tea! I cannot wait to try this.

  2. Hooray for tea. I would have never appreciated it before spending time in China. Whole leaf tea is the bomb.

  3. Because of candida, I only drink herbal teas and I only use filterd water in my tea. I drink tea daily and have never tried Mighty Leaf Teas

  4. My sister is a tea drinker so each year I find something new for her. She would love this.

  5. chai is definitely a favorite, but I also love peppermint mochas 🙂

  6. I normally only drink tea when I’m sick. My dad is a huge tea drinker,though, so I would love to get him some of this to try.

  7. I am also a tea drinker and Chai is one of my faves. I’ll have to try your Chai Eggnog recipe. Sounds delicious!

  8. I love drinking tea. On a cold afternoon, it’s always the drink I turn to when I need something warm and comforting. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. I love tea this is great. 🙂

  10. I am trying to learn new way to use tea! Thanks for the eggnog recipe… I’ll try it.

  11. I’m more of a coffee person, but when I’m sick or when it’s really cold outside I do love a nice cup of tea.

  12. I am a total chai drinker! LOVE IT! Never have been a coffee drinker!

  13. I am a coffee drinker in the morning, but I love a cup of hot tea at night!

  14. I just got some of the mighty leaf herbal teas to try! I can’t wait to see how they work! I’ve trying one out this morning.

  15. I love hot tea too. Sipping on tea is a joy in life, and the smell of chai tea is almost as delicious as the taste.

  16. My co-worker is a tea fiend. This would be a great gift for her.

  17. I have had Mighty Leaf tea and it is delicious! I believe I bought the peppermint and also the English Breakfast variety. I grew up drinking tea and didn’t actually switch until I hit college–I still enjoy a good cuppa–

  18. We love peppermint tea, and black tea with sugar and lemon. I am usually a coffee drinker, but tea is my kids favorite.

  19. Chai Tea is very popular around here and I love it’s warmth and flavor, especially this time of year. Will keep an eye out for the Mighty Leaf brand.

  20. The Chai Tea Eggnog sounds amazing! I will have to try it out! Thank you for sharing how to make it!

  21. I love waking up to a nice warm cup of green tea. I always flavor it with nunaturals sweetener that has flavoring in it.

  22. I love green tea with honey!

  23. I am not a huge tea fan but everyone else in my family is. I think I would like chai with eggnog.

  24. I have entered, thank you for hosting. Winter is a great time to enjoy a nice hot tea!!

  25. I love hot chocolate in the winter but I love a good cup of hot tea also. I love green tea with honey.

  26. This is certainly the time of year for tea. I enjoy a splash of lemon and a dab of honey.

  27. Ooo, the chai eggnog latte sound just divine! I didn’t know that you could over boil the water, very interesting.

  28. You cannot beat tea – especially in the winter I would love to give this a try 🙂 x

  29. I am a huge tea lover. I drink it all day, every day. While I tend to opt for the unsweetened version, I would love to try a tea with a little extra flavoring in it from time to time, like these teas!

  30. I’m not a tea drinker but a know a couple of them so I will be checking this out for gifts

  31. i would love to be my own tea wallah, the tips on preparing tea were great, letting the hot water sit for too long before putting the teabag in was a mistake i kept making… thanks!

  32. I am not a big tea drinker anymore prefer coffee hubby loves all herbal and Chinese teas.

  33. I am a huge Apple Cider fan but I also love my flavored coffee for the fall!!

  34. I’ve not been a tea drinker in the past but I am trying to be one. My husband is a big iced tea drinker, but im thinking more along the lines of hot tea! As for my winter drink… I love a good Mocha! 🙂

  35. I love tea and I should try drinking it more. When I have a cold I crave tea over coffee.

  36. Allison Susee says:

    I love hot tea, hot chocolate and hot apple cider this time of year!

  37. I love trying teas! I love the ones that you can get for a Keurig, but I love trying others too!

  38. I love teas and I always have to have some in my kitchen cupboard. I’m a huge fan of Peppermint tea and would tell the kids and hubby never to touch it. I will have to check this out some more.

  39. Karen Fields says:

    Hot teas, hot chocolate, and apple cider are my favorite drinks for the holidays

  40. I’m a big tea pearson and LOVE to try new teas, my favorite are herbal teas and even fruit teas… thanks for sharing,this sounds like a great set.

  41. I like green tea all the time, but this time of year, especially like cinnamon and peppermint. Mmmm, so cozy.

  42. I like iced tea, and hot tea when I’m sick. I didn’t know even a bit of these little tips you gave us. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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