Gift Guide : Edible Goodness

So it’s here, holiday crunch time. Did you know that the busiest shopping day of the year isn’t Black Friday but the Saturday before Christmas. And though that’s technically Christmas Eve I would expect that this Saturday is going to be packed. So avoid the malls and get a gift you know the recepient will actually use, something edible. And if you’re lucky, they will open it and invite you to share. Here are my top picks for edible gifts.

Holiday Gift Guide : Edible Gifts

1. Georgetown Cupcakes: You may have seen these cupcakes on TLC’s hit show Dc Cupcakes. Very rarely do things live up to the TV hype but these cupcakes are just as dacadent and delicious as they look on the small screen. You can get a dozen of their adorable holiday cupcakes shipped over night for $55.

2. Debbie’s Rugelach: My mom used to make rugelach from her mother’s recipe and it just tasted like Christmas. I have never recaptured the magic in my own renditions. So I was thrilled to discover Debbie’s Rugelach. Every batch of this old world handmade treat is crafted with all natural ingredients. Not only is there nothing artificial, there are also no jams, no spreads, no pastes, and no fillers. Debbie combines fresh cream cheese and real butter to make the flaky pastry which is then rolled around generous fillings of dark chocolate chips, juicy currants and crunchy walnuts, or plump dried apricots, surrounded by a sweet cinnamon and sugar filling. They are super delicious.

3. Plush Puffs: Forget the stay puffs you are used to. These gourmet marshmallows literally melt in your mouth. And the flavors are out of this world. You will happily gobble flavors like caramel swirl and toasty coconut straight from the box but save some for hot chocolate. It takes a mug of hot cocoa to a whole other level. And they have an amazing sounding Smores Box that pairs four of their flavors with organic graham crackers and Ghiradelli chocolates.

4. Topsy’s Popcorn: Those giant popcorn tins have always scared me a bit. Until I received a tin of Topsy’s Popcorn. The cinnamon, caramel, and cheddar mix we received was gone with two days. If all popcorn was this good, Santa would be eating it instead of cookies. If you’re lucky enough to live in the Kansas City metro area you head to one of their retail locations but they are also available for order through their website.

5. Frangelico Chocolates from MarieBelle: Soon after MarieBelle started, I was lucky enough to taste their gourmet chocolates. The word artisan gets knocked around a lot but there’s truly no other way to describe the delicate truffles MarieBelle makes. This year they have partnered with Fragelico liqueur to make the perfect holiday truffle. The hazelnet flavored liqueur is the perfect pairing with MarieBell’s dark chocolate. The four box set is $15 and would make a great teacher or Secret Santa gift.


  1. Edible gifts are always a hit with me. I can never receive too many!

  2. Making me hungry for rugelach!

  3. I like poppyseed rugelach, myself. nom!

  4. PS QVC has a sale on the Georgetown Christmas Cupcakes for $42 shipping included!

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