Gift Guide : Books For Everyone On Your List

Here is one for you last minute shoppers out there. Bookstores are the one size fits all, easy place to get something for everyone on your list. And I even have a list for you!

” target=”_blank”>My Teenage Werewolf: Got a mom on your list? Any mother will be fascinated by this account of a mom, inspired by the tough relationship with her daughter, who puts on her journalist hat to delve into the primal relationship between teenage girls and their moms. Even though my twins are only four, I found myself totally enrossged in this book. I also immediately started as therapy and spa vacation fund.

300 Best Rice Cooker Recipes: Let’s admit it, we all have a spare kitchen appliance hanging around that we’re not sure what to do with. And half of those are rice cookers. This book will have your friends cooking full on meals from that rice cooker languishing in the back of the cabinet. Hopefully they will be so grateful that they will have you over for dinner.


  1. I think I need the rice cooker cookbook. I almost never use our rice cooker these days.

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