Gift Guide : Best Gifts for Toddlers

The Guavalicious Life Toddler Gift Guide

Trying to find a gift for the toddler in your life? The toddler toy aisle can leave you completely overwhelmed so instead of risking panic attacks induced by flashing lights and cherry music, check out my gift suggestions. All six of these items are sure to please.

1. B. Toys Meowsic Keyboard: My kids got this keyboard from B. Toys (back when it was a Parents item) when they were 18 months from a friend of mine. It is still their favorite toy at four. There are tons of levels of play on it. You can just listen to songs and play the piano or you can make your own music and record yourself singing.

2. Goodnight Moon Hallmark Recordable Book: It’s hard to be away from the ones you love, especially when they are wee. Hallmark recordable story books let you be a daily part of their life. I am planning to record a classic for my niece.

3.Handmade Puzzles: The hand painted wood puzzles from Marvin and Margaret Wood of Kid Puzzles are not your average toy store find. The makers personally design and make every puzzle on their site. Everything is nontoxic and safe for your kiddos. Want to go the extra mile? Have one made with a lucky kiddo’s name.

4. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Tea Set: A tea set that teaches kids manners in a cute Britsh accent? Who wouldn’t want this Fisher-Price toy? The girls got this from the grands for their first Christmas and it still gets played with everyday. It sings, makes pouring tea sounds, teaches shapes with the cakes, and won’t break when you drop it.

5. Personalized Stationary: This southern upbringing of mine refuses to die. My girls had their own stationary before they were born. The quirky side of me loves the fun take of Paper Culture on this tradition. They have all sorts of kid and teen friendly designs. Even ones you can a kid’s picture on and make them into a astronaut or viking.

6. Stokke Table Top: Made for lovers of their iconic kid chairs, I think these table toppers make a good gift for any kiddo. They suction on to any table so you can take them along to your parents’ house and stop the evil eye flat as your little darling smashes peas into the table. Intechangable pieces keep it exciting for toddlers through preschoolers.

Disclosure: Some of these items I received for review; some of them came from our toy box. All of them get my personal seal of approval. Opinions are my own and not influenced in any way!


  1. Love the stationary idea! That is fantastic! I’d do the same for my niece, but I’m afraid my sister has forgotten part of her upbringing…or choosing to ignore.

  2. I was so annoyed that the kitty keyboard came out after we already had a similar toy, so I couldn’t justify getting one. Of course we’ve given it as a gift several times…

  3. The Goodnight Moon book from Hallmark is a welcome edition to this iconic book. Love the modern twist.

  4. We have that tea set (#4) and my daughter loves it! Great choice!

  5. I LOVE the idea of a recordable storybook, especially with our entire extended family living out of state. Great roundup!


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