Getting Rid of the Mom Uniform

Since they were a few months old I have fondly called the girls “style vampires”. because while they get cuter every day, I keep getting frumpier every day. They rock skinny jeans and stylish printed tunics paired with adorable sandals while I wear the same thing everyday. Something I call the mom uniform.

Not so bad, except that I have worn a variation on this outfit everyday for the past four years. Yep, I am in a rut. I miss the me who wasn’t afraid to take risks. Who wore dresses and had perfect hair. Who loved clothes. My fashion effort has gone into my kids but let’s face it, they’re be just as happy in Halloween costumes as in the outfits I pick out (actually,they’d be happier). And soon they are going to let me stop letting dressing them. Then where will my energy go?

When I saw the chance to win a makeover from the talented ladies of Mom’s Fashion File during BlogHer, I had to jump on it. 12 lucky winners will be treated to a style session to address some of their fashion challenges.

And what a list of challenges I have!
-I live in a small college centered city with limited shopping
-College students are a girl’s worst enemy. Imagine being surrounded by 18-21yr hot women all day. These chicks make rompers look good and they make me want to sit in my closet and eat ice cream.
-makeup falls off my face, like as inI look awesome for about thirty minutes and then it’s like I never put it on. And this is after using primer
-I don’t understand how to use hair product. I don’t even own a hair dryer. That’s why I always have my hair bobbed.
-Four years later, I’m still not sure how to dress my new post kids body. Boobs and hips are not my friends
-The girls take up so much of my time that I have about ten minutes to get ready in the morning.
-my clothes need to take me from the playground to a meeting to out for beers to back to my desk to write

Hopefully these ladies can tackle it because I am one step away from pajamajeans.


  1. I hear you! And most days I still don’t even get a shower, and the youngest is almost 4.

  2. I hear you on the rut! I can pull together great work clothes, but my mom clothes feel so blah to me. Maybe it’s because I still spend hours crawling around the floor, the playground, etc. So my clothes are as wrinkled and dirty as the kids. How do I look cool and still play? I hope you win!!

    Do you follow any of the mom fashion blogs?

  3. has been my style savior. It’s online and convenient, and they have things you don’t see in stores. Much of it is geared toward 20-somethings, but every once in a while I find something cute and mom-appropriate, like little sundresses that are great for an afternoon at the park…and then dinner with the Daddy.

    • I have always loved the ModCloth ads but have never tried them out. I need to get over my phobia of online shopping!

  4. Good for you to be thinking about this only four years into the parenting gig. So many women totally let it all go and then the kids move out and they find they’ve given all the pieces of themselves away.

    Our kids really do need us, but they do need us to keep some of what made us us intact.

    I’m happy for you and I hope you win.


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