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Metromint Water

So I have a secret to confess: I’ve been working out. Well kind of. You see I am doing the Mamavation Two Week Challenge and I spend a lot of the workout wincing and laying on the floor crying. And that’s only a slight exagerration. Before this I think it had been a good six months since I had worked out. And it’s been a good six years since I have been in any kind of decent shape.

I thought 2011 was going to be the year that I got my body back and finally lost all that “baby weight”. Instead I added another ten pounds and have reached new levels of slackitude. But I finally have hit the wall where I know something needs to change. So I signed up for two weeks of (to me) grueling exercise. I haven’t told anyone for fear of failure but I am thinking that public accountability may be the way to go.

As an addition to the challenge, I have also been trying to change the way I eat. My husband got some rather bad cholesterol and blood pressure results (unfair since he is actually committed to working out and is actually in better shape post kids) so I have added incentive to change. It’s been baby steps so far (let’s just say I ate a few too many pieces of Halloween candy.) But I can already tell a difference.

Part of diet changes is drinking more water. I usually stick with plain filtered water but a special treat these days is Metromint water. It’s refreshing and unlike other flavored waters, it is free of artificial ingredients. Everything in it is all natural and it’s zero calories. I am a fan. Which is why I am excited that I get to give away a case on my blog.

Check out how to enter:


  1. I’ve never heard of Metromint, but I’m intrigued! I’ve been trying to use flavored waters as a way to break my Diet Coke habit.

    • You have to like mint but it you do, they are great. Just a hint of mint and whatever the other flavor is… orange, chocolate, etc.

  2. Love the new word “slackitude” I think I have it! Love mint too!

  3. I love metromint water!

  4. I would love to try this! I switched from a Diet Coke addiction to a flavored sparkling water addiction. But I’d love more drink options for during the day.

  5. I’d like to win because I’m seriously trying to get over a Coke Zero addiction, & need the alternative!!!! Thanks for the chance….

  6. i like that its free of artificial ingredients and think it would be a great way to enjoy something other than plain water. As a nursing mom i try to drink a lot

  7. I want to win because I LOVE Metromint!

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