Get Your Kids Dancing With the Peanuts Movie

Hope your weekend was great! We started off ours by seeing the Peanuts Movie with a while posse of moms and kids thanks to Fandango (who sponsored this post!) We were three moms and six kids, ranging from three to eight. There’s something so fun about seeing movies with my friends and their kids. Someone is sure to love the film and get the rest of us engaged.

Along for this trip was my mom movie buddy BJ. We’ve seen films that our kids love (like Inside Out, Spongebob, and the Lego Movie) and films we’d never let our kids see, no matter how hard they beg, such as Jurassic World, Trainwreck, and Straight Outta Compton. But this is the first time I have seen a movie with her two boys. I may have to drop her for her youngest because his love for the Peanuts movie was infectious.

Even if the adults didn’t looooooooove it; it’s hard to deny a film that leads to a lobby dance party…
kids dancing
Read on for what we all really thought!

The film is best described as a mash up of strips detailing Charlie crushing on the Little Red Haired Girl and Snoopy fighting the Red Baron. It hits all the classic Peanuts jokes and adds in a few parables about honesty and being liked for you are. As a parent, I loved that story line. Charlie stays true to himself and ends up being liked for who he is not someone he pretends to be.

You may have to draw that out of your kids later though since they will be more entranced with the slapstick comedy and flying adventures of Snoopy’s red doghouse. That scored the highest with my set of mini-reviewers. As did the music. The movie makers kept it to the classic feel of the TV specials and it still appeals to the small set. Or at least our small set.

The Bottom Line:
Not going to lie, the kiddos gave it a 5/5 while the moms were a lukewarm 3/5. You’re seeing this movie for your kids and the nostalgia factor.
Positive themes: Consistently upbeat with a theme of staying true to yourself. 5/5
Violence/scare factor: The scenes between the Red Baron and Snoopy can get a little scary with lots of shooting and FiFi (Snoopy’s love interest) being taken prisoner. 3/5
Sex/Romance: Minor kissing between Snoopy and Fifi, lots of talk about love. 1/5
Bad language: You’re in the clear here! 0/5


  1. I loved this movie, it seems to be a lot more innocent and true to the kinds of things that I watched as a kid. For me, seeing my kids go crazy about a movie brings back childhood memories of me and my siblings, so I can’t help loving it. Do you have any tips for upcoming animated movies that I should take my kids to? Thank you for sharing your experience and your review!

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