Friday Favorites : Hot in the City

It’s actually cooler here than it was last week. But since I spent most of last week in Colorado, I am dying. Here are five things keeping me cool this week.

1. Smoothies!!! – God bless whoever came up with the idea of mixing frozen fruit and ice because almost all of our meals are liquid in this heat. I throw some protein powder in and we’re good to go. Lately I am obsessed with making them with my immersion blender. Want one of you own? Win one here.

2. Iceland – Whenever the heat gets to me, I remind myself that soon I will be hiking near a glacier lagoon.

3. Body Back: I am loving this book on getting your body back to hot post baby (or kids in my case.) It took me a while to get used to Heather Porter’s cheeky sense of humor but once I did I found myself delving into the tips more and more. If I am going to be hot, at least I can look hot while sweating.

4. “Laters Baby”… I could not stop saying that after I read the Shades of Gray series. Since I adore Twitter necklaces, I am super tempted by the ‘#LatersBaby’ necklace from Shame on Jane. Cute huh?

5. Oz, The Great and Powerful: I was totally obsessed with the Oz books when I was young so I am over the moon that a new Oz book, that looks closer to the style of the books than the Judy Garland movie, is being made. And it stars the very hot James Franco. Exciting! Check out the trailer.

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