Friday Favorites : #Winning Edition

Every once in awhile a random no longer cool catchphrase pops into my head and I CAN NOT STOP SAYING IT. Even I know it’s rather annoying. My poor husband has been treated to way too much #winning this week. I am saying it with a sarcastic tone but it doesn’t make it any less dorky. So the theme of my Friday Favorites is WINNING!

1. We’re all about whole foods in this household but sometimes we need a healthy packaged food for car trips and morning runs to the gym. Lately I am loving the new Milk Bite milk and granola bars from Kraft. The girls and I tried some samples (c/o of Kraft) and they are crazy about the strawberry ones. Unlike most packaged foods, they contain no preservatives or artificial colors. And the girls can open them on their own. Winning. They are in the refrigerated aisle and cost $3.49 for a box of five. That $3.50 is well worth another thirty minutes of sleep.

2. We’re on vacation this week and we spent the first three nights at a Hyatt Place. I could totally live in the room we had. It’s huge with a separate (sleeper) sofa hang out area, an office area, and sleeping area. This would be a great place to stay with the girls on our weekend jaunts. And it is so going to be my work travel hotel of choice. The only thing that bugged me was the lack of bathtub. At least the Earth is #winning.

3. My new hostess gift? Marshmallow BonBons. I don’t think that is the actual name of them. But it’s what I call the treats I received c/o of Marshmallow Mischief. You are almost guaranteed that the person you gift these to has not had them before. The flavors are deliciously luscious (and licious! check out the Gingerlicious (Cinnamon + Candied Ginger)!)

4. I am going to get real here and tell you that the one thing I just don’t like about myself is my skin. My Irish heritage didn’t give me a good start and my laziness isn’t helping. Naturally I have tried every skin product under the sun. Some of them work, some of them don’t but few of them get a fair shake because I just don’t have the time to stick to it. That’s why I love the Murad Intensive Resurfacing Peel so much. You can see a difference right away and it is gentle. I break out from someone touching me and it didn’t irritate my skin at all. I received a box c/o of Murad but they are a steal at $45 for four. So worth it!! Trust. You skin will be #winning!

5. Tomorrow I finally get to head to one of my most anticipated SXSWi events: Beauty Bar X. Looking forward to hearing about technology trends in everything from tablets to fashion with some of my fellow female techies. One of the event sponsors is Buyosphere. This beta site finds recommendations for almost any product question. Their mission: “We connect people who know something about stuff, where to find great deals or interesting pieces with people who need to find something that is right for them, but don’t know where to start.” More visual eye candy to get lost in? #Winning!


  1. I’ll definitely be picking up some of the Kraft Milk Bites this weekend when I’m at the store. I like that there are not artificial colors or preservatives. And I’ll also be passing the link to Marshmellow Mischief to my husband; hopefully he gets the hint. It rarely happens, but maybe this time a girl can get lucky!

  2. My husband loves those Kraft bars too!

  3. Feel free to send me a bag of weird SXSW detritus…

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