Friday Favorites : Bummed About Brands and Bloggers Edition

So I was supposed to be at Brands and Bloggers this weekend but some unexpected bills led to me canceling my trip. So for this Friday Favorites, I thought I would share five books that helped me with blogging.

This book has improved my Travel Tuesday posts immensely! I feel like my writing is closer now to what actual travel writers do. And now I have a list of to dos to get more travel related writing jobs.

When you work from home, getting things done is hard yo. This book has me back on the right track as far as scheduling and getting through my to dos. I feel much more balanced which is allowing me to be way more productive.

I am working on a new site and this new edition has been my bible. It’s helping me do it right from the beginning this time!

Though I am not out to make a six figure income from blogging (my husband wishes!), I really like how this book gives me the inside track on the professional world of blogging. I really think it is a must read for every blogger, profit driven or not.

This guide to SEO from Kelby Carr will help your writing get read by the people you want to read it.

So those are my five books for bloggers, what are your recommendations?

Disclosure: I have received review copes of some of these books and this post contains affiliate links.

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