On a Tuesday, Friday Favorites : BlogHer Edition

I sent this to draft purgatory on Friday instead of publishing. I blame my BlogHer addled brain.


TGIF, am I right? This week has been rough. I have been recovering from being Hit by the BlogHer Bus, but these are the five things that have made it better…

1) The Universe because it blessed me with cooler weather this week which meant I could take my kids to the park instead of sitting in the house going stir crazy. It also came through on the luck side Wednesday when my dog was hit by car (which kept going by the way, jerk). Why is that lucky you might ask? Because she walked away with just two gashes and a concussion (and a $200 vet bill, again jerk!)


2) The Mother Company: I met this company in the BlogHer expo and was instantly enchanted. I was able to take home a copy of The Feelings Show and the girls love it as much as I thought they would. And it’s totally different, in a very good way, than any other show they watch. It reminds me of Mr. Rogers. You just feel better after watching it. Now I really want to get the Lucy Ladybug and Sid Snail dolls for the girls.


3)  Paper Culture: What can make a girl leave a ticket blaster booth and race across an expo? Well if you’re this girl the answer is paper. I was already a fan of Paper Culture so it was a privilege to talk to one of the founders. I love, love, love this company. They partner great design with a serious environmental commitment so I feel not an ounce of guilt about sending real mail to friends. Perhaps to get me to stop gushing and mosey along they told me to take whatever I wanted from their sample cards. So this week when I was feeling tech overdosed I was able to write cards to friends in the offline world. Viva full mailboxes!


4)  Lara bars: I bought a whole stock of these to use at BlogHer forgetting just how much food was available at all times. So I came home with all of them. They’ve been keeping me going all week since I am too lazy to go to the grocery store.  I started eating these after doing the Cinch diet and they are by far my favorite meal bar. They taste great and I recognize all the ingredients. They’re not cheap at a $1 a bar (and that’s the sale price) but they are so worth it.


5) My husband: He’s been amazingly tolerant of the messy house, brain fogged me, and swag covering our dining room table. His birthday was on Wednesday and he didn’t even seem to mind my lame cake and the fact that I was asleep when he got home from watching the US vs Mexico friendly. Love.


  1. I picked up a box of Lara Bars at walmart just a few days ago. I’m good for buying my family goodies but not so much myself. The price made me put them back. Next time I’ll do a little more homework, although it still might keep them on the shelf. Where’s the best place to buy them?

    • I usually snag mine at Gerbes when they are having a dollar sale. Amazon is probably the best price though. I love that they are made of all natural items and still taste great. The PB&J one is my favorite.

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