Freshen the Car Up Before Road Tripping It

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It’s Spring Break season! And even though we won’t be headed out for a couple of weeks, I am already anticipating the long road trip to Texas to see my parents. The girls and I have been making this trip together for almost five years. We have it down to a science but that doesn’t mean I don’t face it with a small smidgen of dread.

After all, it is ten hours in the car with the terror twins. They are past the throwing toys at me stage. But unfortunately still in the the throwing up stage. Car sickness, the struggle is real. That’s why I was happy to take the chance to try out Febreze Vent Car Clips. No matter what happens in the back seat, up in the front seat I am in my own little oasis.
Febreze Car Vent

Febreze Car VentClips are simple to install and the fresh scents are circulating almost immediately. But the smell is not overpowering at all. Which is super important is you are going to be sitting in front of it for those long, long stretches.

If you’re setting out on your own Spring Break road trip, pick up a Febreze Vent Car Clip at Walmart. You can buy a single clip at Walmart and get another free. One for there and one for the trip home. I kid; the clips last up to 30 days and even your kids aren’t that smelly.

And I would love to give one of you some clips for free! Comment with your best road trip tip below and one of you will win a $25 Walmart gift card!


  1. Jeff Muscato says:

    Don’t try to eat in the car. Stop to stretch your legs while you snack.

  2. KC to Las Vegas via a Colorado camping trip.

  3. Tara Shade says:

    STL to New Orleans! Need lots of febreeze on the way home! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Melinie Purvis says:

    Missouri to South Dakota and back on an right day excursion!

  5. Victoria says:

    Carry wet wipes, extra plastic bags, and a small towel. We have found if anything was going to happen we can usually fix it with one of these things.

  6. Anna McMillen says:

    Sounds like a good idea! We are going to Gulf Shores next week… 13 hour drive with two four-year old boys. This will be our first real road trip with kids outside of Missouri, so it may get “interesting”!

    • Anna McMillen says:

      I realized I was supposed to share a tip, my idea is to pack sandwiches and snacks and stop at parks along the way instead of fast-food. Cheaper, healthier, and more fun!

  7. Headphones for everyone! As much as I love the family aspect of being together in a car for a long time, making sure everyone can tune out and into something they really love for part of the time keeps us all sane.

  8. Andrew Canterbury says:

    Be sure and change diets to low fiber and no onions for anyone along for the ride. Doctors approve the use of up to 6g of melatonin for children.

  9. We are planning a huge road trip (hopefully this year) one of the things I plan on doing is purchasing a device charger that will handle laptops and tablets and not just our phones and then stocking the van with movies. I think as long as we can keep everything charged so the kids have entertainment then it will be a much smoother trip!

  10. Kristine McCormick says:

    So many to pick from! I think Indiana to NYC to see my sis is my fav.

  11. Rosie prior says:

    Cd stories, music, iPad for traffic and I spy. We always try to engage the girls as much as we can but sometimes watching a movie for boring highway trips works for us all! The one thing hey do love though is having their own lunchbox with a variety of treats-healthy and some not so healthy.

  12. Kristin Vollmer says:

    We (sadly) don’t get to take road trips often! I have found that leaving near the toddler’s nap time gives us a solid couple of hours of peace ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Danielle says:

    We drove to D.C. Last summer. We wrapped dollar store presents, rented DVDs and snacks and the girls got to open one thing an hour. They couldn’t get anything otherwise. We also packed summer sausage, crackers, cheese, fruit and banana bread to avoid eating on the road. It was fun taking a picture of every new state welcome sign!

    • You won! Thanks for reading! Please email me your address and phone number as soon as possible at theguavaliciouslife @ gmail.

  14. We always pack special treats and new surprises for road trips.

  15. My road trip tip is to pack plenty of snacks! And also some water bottles.

  16. College road trips were simply the best! This summer my college friend and I relived it a bit and drove from St. Louis to Atlanta to see the Indigo Girls in Atlanta’s Botanical Garden. We went through Metropolis, IL to get a picture with Superman and then made it a point use the rest of the Jim Croce song (don’t pull on superman’s cape…) as a bit of a checklist. It was true old school b/c we stayed with another college friend. So what 20+ years has gone by…still nothing beats a road trip! (Bonus idea: cheap CDs from salvation army stores — there’s something different about listening to a whole CD than creating an iPhone list) <3

  17. Mary Jo Creech says:

    We have driven to Disney world (back in 2011) and we will be making the trip again this summer. We will leave as early as possible with a family of five and we will have an overnight stay on the way there and then on the way back. So far I’m the only one in the family that we have car sickness fears for, but as time goes on we shall see about the kids. My biggest fear with little ones is the potty training dilemma, do you hold off so you don’t have to worry about it while traveling or just dive and hope they will be able to hold it and keep us from having to stop every hour LOL. Not looking forward to it, either way! Thanks for the chance!

  18. my best tip is be sure to load up the iPads with movies and bring double headphone splitters! And snacks, lots of snacks.:)

  19. Being a single mom and traveling with 2 kids I have tons of tips. Headphones chargers
    snacks blankets and stay flexible

  20. Bonnie holt says:

    The best travel tip I have is to have a tablet for your kids while you are traveling. I don’t know how many times my son’s tablet has helped us stay while traveling.

  21. for long road trips we used to always leave at night or nap time so the kids would sleep. We’ve been lucky- they’re great travelers. Checking out audio books we can all listen to has been great and the play-always for individual books was a lifesaver on our last really long trip

  22. Erin Keith says:

    With one side of the family living 9 hours away, road trips with our three boys are fairly common. My favorite tip is to get the driver to bed right after supper, then leave at 2 or 3 in the morning. The boys fall back to sleep in the car and by the time they’re waking up, we’re halfway there and it’s time to stop for breakfast anyway. Aside from that, we try to plan small stops every couple hours. No matter what activities we bring, everyone does better with a chance to move.

  23. Sandisk has a cool device where you can store pictures and movies on it and share it with multiple devices in a plane or car. It has it’s own built-in near-fi so you don’t need WiFi to connect to it.

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