Forget Ebola, Take Care of the Flu

This post about flu shots (TLDR? Get one now!) is in partnership with Minute Clinic.
Minute Clinic Flu shot
Lately my Facebook feed has been filled with hysteria about Ebola. Friends, I know those click bait headlines are hard to ignore but if you spend your time reading about quarantine policies by state, you’re missing out on protecting you and your family about something a lot more likely to befall you, the flu.

After all, your chances of getting Ebola are a million to one (<- completely made up non-scientific fact) but your chances of getting flu are a lot more likely. And there's nothing you can do about Ebola besides not become a health care worker or travel to certain parts of Africa. But flu prevention is as close as your nearest Minute Clinic.
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We parents tend to take care of ourselves last, especially if we’re at home. My kids get their shots at school and my husband gets his at work. And I get mine almost never. The last thing I want to do is cram in a visit to the doctor into my day. Not only do they always run late, the waiting room is always filled with very friendly people who can not wait to talk to me and breathe their germs on me. There’s no sense in getting sick before I get protected from getting sick.

That’s why I am a huge fan of the Minute Clinic:
-no appointment necessary, I can go when it fits into my schedule
-no waiting room, they let me know when and I get shopping done while I wait
-no extra cost, they accept almost all insurance and with most insurance plans your flu shot is free
Biggest bonus of all: you get a 20% off your entire purchase voucher with every flu shot. My doctor doesn’t even give me a sticker. And take the whole family! They have vaccines for everyone.

Have a question about the flu or the Minute Clinic process? Check out the Minute Clinic flu information center for answers to almost every question you have.

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