Food for Health

Food that heals

(*blows off dust*)

Hi, I have been trapped in my kitchen.
That may be on overstatement, but kind of not really.

There are lots of reasons I have not been blogging, some of which i will share eventually, but a big block this summer was that I was spending hours in the kitchen. And that is not an exaggeration. After my kiddo’s Ehlers-Danlos diagnosis, we crossed out everything we thought we knew about her needs and started almost from scratch.

So while before we were eating healthy and avoiding food dyes, we didn’t think food was really part of the picture. Yeah, we were wrong. Turns out that while she doesn’t have life threatening allergies, she has sensitivities out the wazoo. Corn, Oats, Grains, Citrus, Soy, Dairy… all a no go. We cut those out immediately and though the allergist is letting us cycle a few things in, we are pretty much still on a very strict diet.

In the long run I know it’s worth it. As I read more and more about the connection between our digestion and the rest of our systems, I only get more committed to this diet change. As silly as it sounds, food is fuel is just now hitting me over the head.

Food is my focus for right now but I am looking ahead to what else affects our health… which is why I am so decided that last month I made the spur decision to attend ShiftCon. I really want to learn more about not just companies who are aligned with my values but how I can use my platforms to help espouse those values.

And it’s in New Orleans. That may have helped.

Thinking of going? Please consider entering my affiliate code (VGUAVA) at registration. I will buy you a drink!

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