Five Standout Brands From BlogHer14

Here are a few of my favorite stand outs from the BlogHer expo floor, with a special emphasis on Samsung who partnered with MomSelect in sponsoring this post.

1. Samsung: I love that they made the commitment to BlogHer to bring a major expo floor exhibit that related to the home in a way that respected how women are busy and. Their #MasterTheHome (check out the twitter stream for photos) showed off their Chef Collection time savings appliances which would make any home owner drool. As you can tell from my video, I was coveting the baking items they showed off hard core. But I also loved the washing machine and dryer combination.

Samsung Master your Home

WF9100 / DV9100 ONYX

It’s the worlds largest washer, which means you can wash 4 laundry baskets in a single load. Plus their Steam Wash cycle has been engineered to improve the cleaning quality of laundry. Unlike other washers which release steam from above, Samsung releases steam from the bottom of the laundry tub, saturating every item in the load which means a deeper clean with less pretreatment and using cold water!

2. OneDay: Every year there is one app I come away obsessed with and this year it was OneDay. I have the best intentions of using the digital tools available to make memories but too often I spend my time staring into my phone instead of capturing what is going on around me. OneDay makes capturing moments almost effortless with their prompts. I love that it celebrates the everyday moments and where you are right at that moment instead of just being about the big milestones.

3. Artifact Uprising: On the memory keeping front, I always mean to make those photo books that are so popular but the designs of the more typical sites leave me wanting. I just don’t see keeping a glossy hardcover book of photos of my family on the coffee table. But the products from Artifact Uprising are more like mini works of art. I think they could make even the most cheesy moments of our vacations look beautiful. Their product line also includes standouts like printed wooden boxes (all wood is ecologically gathered) and postcard books (how awesome would those be as wedding thank you notes?) They also have an iPhone app so you can make photo products on the go. Now start working on the Android version guys!

4. The Timeline Project: I am a little in love with this website (sponsored by Bayer Healthcare.) As the girls get older and it looks like we are in Missouri to stay, I find myself floundering a bit on what I want to do with myself. How do I refocus on my goals? On what I want to accomplish? This site lets you set goals, big or small, and then gives you articles and ideas to help you accomplish them. I see myself spending a lot of time on this site in the next few months.

5. Bouqs: Wise move by this company, handing out gorgeous flowers in the expo. Everyone wanted to stop and take a look. This site turns sending flowers into an easy, eco-friendly action. For $40 you are able to send an incredibly vibrant bouquet, wrapped in paper and tied with twine. No middlemen, no ugly vases that take up space. Brilliant!

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