Five Awesome Fort Building Secrets

It’s been a rather mild winter here, snow wise. The freezing temps arrived but no flurries. That is going to change this weekend and I am kind of looking forward to it. There’s something about being home bound that just invites coziness. Popsecret is perfect for cozy days. They’ve sponsored this post as part of their #PopSecretForts movement.

1. Make an instant fort with an umbrella. If you have one kiddo or a few that each needs their own personal space, grab a nice big sturdy umbrella and open it. Then drape a blanket or sheet over it and add a flashlight. Tada! Instant hideout!

2. Gather supplies: blankets, sheets, pillows, chairs. And snacks!

3. Clothespins take it to the next level. You can have a fort extend across an entire basement if you have a bag of clothespins.

4. Take over the dining room table with a full scale hangout. Use the chairs to expand!

5. To really step it up, go beyond the blankets with cardboard boxes. Here are some great ideas to get you started!

So whether or not it’s snowing where you live build a pillow fort with your child this weekend! Eat some Pop Secret popcorn and read a few books. Make sure to snap a photo of your child and pillow fort creation, then use the hashtag #popsecretforts. Each person who submits their photo to Pop Secret Facebook page will also be eligible to receive a host of mystery prizes and rewards while supplies last. And while your at the Pop Secret Facebook page download a coupon for $1 off, along with a flag to claim your pillow fort.

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