February : The Month of PinLiving


As I said in my resolutions post, one thing I want to do this year is actually use Pinterest instead of just pinning things to it. Each month I am concentrating on a resolution and in February, Pinterest is having its day. This month I plan to do one thing I have pinned every day.

Tonight I hit my Blogging Tips and Tricks board and picked this pin linking to this page about making sure your About page is PR friendly. Fun fact: I am anonymously quoted in this blog post.

I spent a bit of time polishing up my About page and updating my PR page. Of course, it’s not as simple as that. I need to add a media kit and put some pictures on the PR page but at least it looks a bit better. Would love your thoughts on both pages if you have a minute!

Will be back tomorrow with a “pinLiving” update!

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