(Cold) Snap; It’s Fall

Thank you to Febreze for kicking off my Fall and sponsoring this post.

Happy Fall Yall

The seasons changed this week, and with it came a cold. Which is a major bummer. Because usually with the advent of Fall I am in whole hog the second the first leaf falls to the ground. I get my Martha Stewart on, tossing leaves on tables and whipping up pumpkin bread.

But so far I have spent most of my time sniffling and downing cups of cold care tea. Which is important because I need my sense of smell to enjoy the only Fall thing about my house the smell…

Febreze sent me the most adorable little barn filled with all sorts of ideas for Fall, along with some of their Fall line. Not only did I love exploring it but the girls played with it constantly for a few days. In fact I think it’s still squirreled away in their playroom. But I was more excited about the contents…

Febreze Fall

Usually, I am hesitant to add any scents. I love the smells of Fall but the artificial scents of cranberries and pumpkin? Not so much. But the Febreze Fall Home Harvest Collection has a different smell to it. The Autumn Harvest has notes of sandalwood, lemon verbena, and vanilla cream while the Spiced Pear incorporates the scents of baked pears, orange clove, nutmeg and vanilla.

But my favorites were definitely the “foodie scents.” If I can’t bake, at least I can smell Toasted Almond featuring buttery almonds with a touch of sweetness and the Vanilla Latte with sweet vanilla and spices in steamed milk (and none of the calories of a real latte.) I put the Toasted Almond car vent in my car to cover up the very unFall like smells of musty towels and crushed peanut butter crackers. This product is genius!

What scents remind you of Fall? Will you be incorporating any products into your home with the changing of the season? Along with the scents Febreze sent along tons of fun ideas to try from recipes to decor. Do you decorate for Fall or is there a special recipe you make every year?

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