“Fast Food” Fridays : Steak Salad

About “Fast Food” Fridays: There used to be a feature on this blog called Frozen Pizza Fridays but we’ve made a family commitment to eating less packaged food. So I have replaced our usual Friday night pizzas with “fast food.” We’re not talking McDonald’s here. We’re talking recipes that are quick, easy, and delicious. And require little prep and clean up so we can get back to Friday family time as soon as possible.

I was recently contacted by the Kansas Beef association and asked to take their My Plate, My Way assessment. This interactive tool offers personalized tips and recipes to guide healthy eating choices that are tailored to your eating style (and they are tailored to the USDA dietary guidelines.) After you take an eight question quiz, it gives you your eating personality as well as recipes to try.

My eating style?

You are a Health Seeker

You make health a priority in your life, so you appreciate when social occasions incorporate a healthful element—whether it be food or fitness. As you’re staying active or eating, your favorite times are when you are surrounded by friends and family. Did you know a 3-oz. portion of lean beef naturally provides you with 10 of the essential nutrients your body needs, like iron, zinc, protein and B vitamins? Who knew health could taste so good?

Yep, pretty much right on.

The assessment inspired this week’s Fast Food Friday recipe… grilled steak salad. Because there’s pretty much nothing I love more than a good steak. But since we buy only organic beef, I have to find a way to get a lot of bang for my buck.

Steak Salad

Enter the steak salad. I only need one steak for the four of us and we get all the good stuff in beef in one small serving. Not to mention all those awesome vitamins from the local greens. I would share a recipe but basically you need your favorite salad ingredients (but keep it simple!), a good steak, steak rub (or kosher salt and ground pepper), and some good quality balsamic vinegar.

Grill the steak to rare or medium rare. Let cool slightly. While it is cooling, arrange you favorite salad greens over the plate and line the rim with fresh tomatoes or other favorite toppings. STEP AWAY FROM THE SALAD DRESSING. Instead drizzle a good quality balsamic vinegar all over the plate. Top with four to five thin slices (halved) of the steak.

Die of happiness.

I was asked by the Kansas Beef Council to take the My Plate, My Way quiz and was compensated for sharing my opinion. Steak lovin, recipe, thoughts, and text are my own!


  1. Love eating steak this way!

  2. That looks SO good! I enjoy my steak with blue cheese dressing sometimes. Totally strange I know, but I love it. I think this would make the perfect dinner. Now to just con my husband into a salad.

    • I love blue cheese on steak! I actually have a fabulous, low fat blue cheese dressing. I should share it on here.

  3. yum, i love a good grilled steak once in a while

  4. MMMM that looks delicious. And this may be a great way for me to convince Schatz to eat a little less meat w/out making him feel deprived.

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