Fast Food Fridays: Gorton’s Artisan Line

Does anyone else feel like they can’t get enough fish in their kids? We big seafood eaters around here. But by we, I mean me and the husband. The terror twins? If it isn’t fish sticks then DON’T EVEN BOTHER. Enter Gorton’s. When they offered to let bloggers try their new line of Artisan breaded fillets I figured the girls would never eat it but at least I wouldn’t have thrown money down the drain. Spoiler alert, they loved it. And so did we.

Dinner was a simple as steaming some veggies and baking the fillets. It took me next to no time at all and for once, the girls actually cleaned their plates. Even if they did want to pick them up and eat them like giant fish sticks. I may be a bad influence.

Gortons Artisan Fillets are not Fish Sticks

Using seafood products like Gorton’s is a cheap and sustainable way to get some fish on our table and into our kiddos’ bellies. And with flavors like Roasted Garlic and Italian Herbs and Southwest Tortilla, they are easy to work into our dinner rotation.

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  1. We love the Southwest Tortilla fillets! They make AHHHMAZING fish tacos!

  2. Swear to goodness. My husband LOVES the Gorton’s “quick fish”, which is what he calls them. We always have them in the fridge. My kids love the battered fish. We eat Gorton’s at least once a week!

  3. My family loves fish so this is a great option for us!

  4. I love finding easy dinner ideas. My family loves fish, I’m sure we’d like this.

  5. It’s funny how kids feel so strongly about fish! That’s good that they liked this one- it’s great to find a way to get them some Omega 3s!

  6. I have a hard time making enough fish meals because I’m the one in the family who doesn’t like fish. However, I don’t want my kids to grow up not liking it just because their mom doesn’t. I wish I did! Products like these make it a little easier for me to be able to make fish for the kids.

  7. I’m really picky about fish but I like the battered stuff, especially lemon. I love anything lemon!

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