“Fast Food” Fridays : “Clean the Fridge Out” Tortilla Soup

About “Fast Food” Fridays: There used to be a feature on this blog called Frozen Pizza Fridays but we’ve made a family commitment to eating less packaged food. So I have replaced our usual Friday night pizzas with “fast food.” We’re not talking McDonald’s here. We’re talking recipes that are quick, easy, and delicious. And require little prep and clean up so we can get back to Friday family time as soon as possible.

Glad, in partnership with BSM Media, sent a few of us moms headed to the BlogHer 2012 conference a care package. It included Glad FreezerWare Containers, a recipe card for Mom Made Chipotle Chicken Enchiladas, tortillas, diced chilies, and enchilada sauce so we could make a meal ahead of time and freeze it for our families to eat while we were gone. I had just made a chicken yesterday so I was hyped to use the leftover meat in my enchiladas.

What I didn’t count on was the twin factor.

The girls played opened the package and decided that the tortillas looked like a fun football. By the time I rescued them, they were practically shredded. But I wasn’t daunted…

Torn Tortillas

I decided to use the ingredients Glad had sent to make one of my favorite clean out the fridge recipes, tortilla soup. I love this concoction because not only do you not need to use a broth, you can add almost any ingredient.

The base is made out of two cups of water, a can of re-fried beans, and a can of enchilada sauce. Mix ingredients together and simmer on low, stirring frequently, until they are mixed well. At this point you should have a thick base.

Now comes the fun part: take any vegetables you have lying around. If they aren’t canned, chop finely and season (I use taco seasoning) then saute together until soft. Add to soup and let simmer. At this point it’s time to throw in any canned vegetables you have sitting around (I put in the diced chilies.) Don’t drain your cans, the liquid adds to the soup! If your soup starts to get thick, add water until it thins out.

What about those tortillas you may be asking? It’s time to add them! Crumble the tortillas with your fingers and then add to soup. Simmer for at least ten minute until the tortillas are fully soft and blended into the soup.

Let it cool until no longer steaming (but still warm) and place in freezable container.
Remember to leave enough space for the dish to expand a bit (see picture below!)

Freezer Tortilla Soup recipe

Disclosure: I received a care package from Glad containing the items mentioned in this post. I was not otherwise compensated. Opinions and text are my own.


  1. Geez, I wish they’d send me a care package because I’m going to be too mopey to cook while I’m not at BlogHer…

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