Fast Food Fridays : Breakfasts on the Go

Breakfast on the Go
Breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day; it’s the one meal my kids will actually eat. So I really try to stuff them with the most filling thing possible. I go with full meals most mornings… oatmeal with fruit, eggs with bacon, french toast. But sometimes the chaos means breakfast needs to be something quick. And something we can eat on the walk to school.

My go to items are egg in toast and PB&J toast but on a big days, we need more of a protein punch.

So on the mornings when I just can’t get er done, I depend on a few convenience items. One of those is El Monterey breakfast burritos. They are packed with protein and ready in under five minutes. Plus my San Antonio bred girls chow down on them. These girls were bred on rice and beans and they gobble down breakfast burritos like my college self gulped breakfast tacos.

El Monterey uses Ruiz family recipes and real ingredients like scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese and sausage in fresh-baked flour tortillas. The result is high-quality breakfast burritos bursting with bold flavor and rich Mexican heritage.

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