“Fast Food” Fridays : Breakfast Tacos

About “Fast Food” Fridays: There used to be a feature on this blog called Frozen Pizza Fridays but we’ve made a family commitment to eating less packaged food. So I have replaced our usual Friday night pizzas with “fast food.” We’re not talking McDonald’s here. We’re talking recipes that are quick, easy, and delicious. And require little prep and clean up so we can get back to Friday family time as soon as possible.

Breakfast Tacos

Every parent knows there is nothing faster than breakfast for dinner. We like to do a twist on the concept and have breakfast tacos for dinner. Heat up some black beans, scramble some eggs, warm tortillas up, put a jar of salsa on the table and you’re done! To bulk up the meal, I often make slightly spicy home fries to add to the tacos. Dice up any spare potatoes, boil for ten minutes or so, then fry with some diced onions and a cumin/chili powder blend.

Dinner = done!

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