Fall Adventures

This past weekend I got started on our Fall bucket list by planning an outdoor adventure for us. Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate with my original plan of taking the girls canoeing for the first time.

We live twenty minutes from the Missouri River and I’ve been itching to canoe it since we moved. I was so excited that the girls were finally old enough to go and figured early Fall would be the perfect time. Darn those clouds.

Instead we headed our for a modified Missouri River trip… some time on the Katy Trail along the river. I toyed with the idea of us biking down there but since I didn’t think it was fair to ask my husband to pull the girls the entire time, we took the car instead. We started off in Rocheport with a pit stop for ice cream and then started down the trail. I envisioned a little more hiking but the only stress was avoiding the hordes of bikes. I was glad however, that we had packed snacks and water bottles as the stops were plenty. But who can blame the girls when they had this to look at?

The best outcome of the day? Finding out that the girls are finally really into this stuff. They have th attention spans to keep at a longer trip and the curiosity to want to keep walking to see what comes next. I want to keep up these mini adventures in day trip form for awhile and then work up to a true family vacation.

My dream would be to go on one of the family adventures that Austin-Leahman offers. How cool would it be to take an active vacation like biking in Europe or touring Europe with the kids?

Disclosure: Austin-Leahman sponsored this post through Mom Spark Media. Opinions are my own.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time!

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