Dream Trips: From Iceland to St. Louis, Glaciers to Gorillas


This week my prompt as part of the HTC TroopOneX was to write about dream trips. Well the prompt might have been dream “trip” but who could have just one? Not me and the husband who love travel like a fat kids loves cake (to quote 50 Cent.) We have a list of TEN dream trips we would like to take.

And this past summer we crossed one off the list: Iceland!
Look how happy we were to be there!


You may have noticed that I haven’t written about or shared pictures of Iceland. Partly because I had some internet drama happen right around then but mainly because, OMG ICELAND. It’s an impossible country to put into words.

But this post isn’t about Iceland.
It’s about another dream trip. To St. Louis.

You see, our girls turned six last week and instead of a giant birthday party like we had last year we offered to take them on a trip and do what they wanted to do.

So instead of glaciers we saw gorillas.
Gorilla Statue at the St. Louis Zoo
The actual ones were hiding inside (it was 40 degrees) so we made do with a statue. We also got splashed by a penguin, played through the glass with a baby monkey, and had seals swim over our head. All for free at the St. Louis zoo.

The rest of the girls’ dream trip consisted of mac and cheese croquettes and yogurt for dinner, froot loops in bed, chocolate chip waffles for breakfast, four hours at the Magic House, and milkshakes and pizza at Pi.

These two have simpler needs than we do!
Baby Checkup at the Magic House

It’s funny how dream trips can be so different yet so amazing. I think The Hubs and I had just as much fun on this past weekend in St. Louis as we did last summer in Iceland. Simple can be awesome.

Case in point: Iceland pictures are from our fab Olympus Pen camera and the St. Louis pics were caught with my HTC OneX. Both look darn good to me!

What’s your dream trip?

Disclosure: Camera and phone were both gifted as part of blogging campaigns.


  1. Wow! Iceland! What an adventure! For me, I want to take my family out west to see the US landmarks – Grand Canyon, Mt Rushmore, Old Faithful…… Then we want to take a plane and explore Europe!

  2. Sadly my dream trip right now would be to see my oldest son when he goes to competition for his engineering club. They are not giving details as to dates and times so I can book a room. Your trips look fun, love the gorilla!

  3. That is really cool that you got to go to Iceland! I actually had a friend who lived there for a while!


  4. You’re right, you do look really happy to be there! I would be, too! How wonderful travel can be!

  5. How fun! I so wish I could go to iceland, and gorillas sound great too!

  6. That picture of you two is totally adorable. I’m still wanting to hear more about that trip!

    Your girls had some smart birthday choices. I’m going to have to keep those in mind…

  7. Iceland!! Oh that is awesome. Wanted to go since my first boyfriend who worked at Air Iceland, lol… My dream trip should be Italy, home of my ancestors, but HONESTLY? It’s Ireland. Wanted to go forever, see the green isle and the castles and moors and stuff. Yes, full of gothic whimsy, that’s me!

    • Italy was one of out dream trips and it was AMAZING! It is definitely a must see. Ireland is the home of my ancestors and it is beautiful. My husband hasn’t been so we will definitely be heading there at some point.

  8. I love travel and roadtrips too. Your photos make me want to call Travelocity right now!!!

  9. I know its probably so beautiful there & I would want to go but the idea of the COLD weather keeps it off my list LOL

  10. Wow great photo’s, thanks for sharing these are beautiful! What a great place to visit!

  11. How fun for your family and your children to get to see different places! We are in Illinois so a trip to St.Louis would be only a car trip for us! Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. We really want to go there!! And the flight from Boston is not bad at all!!! I think we need to just plan it! Looks great!

  13. Wow, that looks like fun!!

  14. Cool! I love that you let your girls pick their trip and the things they wanted to do. They’ll remember those memories so much longer than a birthday party, I’m sure.

    And Iceland, wow!

  15. So fun! What awesome parents to let their girls go on a dream trip! Love it!

  16. Oh wow!! I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland! My brother went and said what a great trip it was. So awesome that you got to go 🙂

  17. Wow, my hubby and I have 2 completely different ideas on trips.. I want to visit Ireland and he wants to visit his family in portugal. Hopefully we accomplish both in our lifetime!

  18. We went to Iceland last summer, too! Small world! St. Louis actually is a very underrated city. There is a lot to do there. Glad you had a blast!

  19. I think its important to see what’s close by first. It can be very surprising to see all the wonders just a short drive away!

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