Digital Inbox : What Is Up Online This Week

My digital inbox posts usually consist of the press releases and emails that find their way into my inbox but this week I also wanted to highlight some cool sites and apps that I learned about at BlogHer. if you haven’t read one of my digital inbox posts before, welcome to a random assortment of the cool and the weird!

From the In Box:

I very rarely get Disney press releases so I am very happy I got one about the Discover What You Treasure sweepstakes. Disney and Verizon have partnered together to send the grand prize winner and three family members on a five day vacation to Walt Disney World Resort where they will spend one special night at the Cinderella Castle Suite in the Magic Kingdom. Awesome huh?

New Site Directory B is doing something I have thought about: creating a directory of blogs by geographic region. Love it! The site hasn’t launched yet but you can learn more here.

The amazing conference I spoke at last year, #140Conference SmallTown, is happening again this year in Hutchinson, KS. If you’re anywhere close by, or even if you’re not, you should consider going. It’s the most diverse conference I have ever attended. I think we can learn more from the people not like us, yes? Early bird registration is only $100 but it ends Friday so get on it.

Cool Websites I Learned About at BlogHer:

FoozKids: I haven’t had much time to play around with this but I really like the idea of creating an internet within an internet for younger kids. Add in activities and I am sold. I will report back on what the girls thought!

HomeSav: Yes, yet another deals site. But this one is focused on the home and somehow I fell less guilty about spending money on decor and household items. So yes, awesome. Sign up here and I get a referral bonus. Not sure what it is, I was too dazed from the London Mansion dollhouse. I also don’t feel guilty when I buy things for my kids. Convenient, no?

GoPicnic: These are basically green, shelf stable Lunchables. That taste really good. I got one at a party and intended to eat it at the airport since I figured it would make the perfect carry on meal. Of course I forgot about ti and instead survived my flights with chocolate, airline issued peanuts, and Heinekens procurred with soon to expire drink coupons. But come afternoon snack time today the girls and I hit the swag (dining room) table for a snack and settled on the GoPicnic Peanut Butter crackers meal. At 430 calories it would make a full meal and was perfect for a split snack. I am definitely a fan and will be ordering a few as healthy lunch back ups. If you want to get some too you can get 10% off by entering code FLIP10 at checkout.

Paper And Cake: I have no idea how I found out about this cool company at BlogHer. Was it at a party? Did I meet the owner at an event? Who knows. What I do know is that these downloadable printable party kits are going to make planning the girls’ next party a snap. Plus I heart the name.

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