Celebrations : A Southern Luncheon

Down south, where I used to hang my hat, luncheons are the go to choice for celebrations. And why not? You get to enjoy a meal, a cool drink, and the company of friends and still be home in time to finish the day out (or take a nap.) It is just a civilized way to celebrate. So when I was in Atlanta last week and MomTrends invited me to a lunch sponsored by Aladdin and styled by Party Bluprints… well I couldn’t get my (metaphorical) white gloves on fast enough.
Aladdin Southern Luncheon
(photo credit : Momtrends)

Every great party should start with some mingling, and a luncheon is no exception. Guests were invited to pour their choice of lemonade and spike it if they wished. I love that this option was given, it makes the choice to imbibe or not completely optional and private.
Aladdin Luncheon Lemonade Bar

There were so many details that made the luncheon a special event but I especially loved the table settings. They incorporated place cards (which alleviate any awkwardness over where to sit) and tags with different sayings relating to enjoying life, perfect for the Aladdin line. There was also a small token from MomTrends: mommy calling cards for taking playground meetups to playdates.

Aladdin Luncheon Place Setting Details
(photo credit : Momtrends)

The food was delicious but I think everyone’s favorite part was dessert: a build your own trifle served in individual Aladdin mason jars. My favorite touch, even over my beloved lemon curd, was the colorful chocolate shavings. I think most of us squealed like little girls when the bowls were placed on the table.

Aladdin Luncheon Build Your Own Trifle

Favors are over done to many but I adore them. What better way to thank your guests for coming than a small token to remind them of the event? Of course, the best favors are edible. The Party Bluprints ladies put a spin on that idea by setting out small jars of a special meat rub (very Atlanta!)

Aladdin Luncheon Custom Rub favors
(photo credit : Momtrends)

Love the above?
Check out the details and how to on the Party Bluprints blog. And shop the Aladdin Mason line (available at Walmart) for all the party trimmings.


  1. Thrilled to play hostess southern style! Thanks for joining us!

  2. What a beautiful table. The art of entertaining (not just party-throwing) is certainly lost on many nowadays. Since we moved a couple years ago, my entertaining has come to an almost-complete standstill. I really must change that! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

    • I love celebrating and having people over; it’s good for the soul. My plan is to share more of it here to hopefully help inspire others.

  3. Everything looks so pretty and delicious. I love giving out favors when I entertain too! (Love something handmade!)

  4. I love the lemonade bar. What a creative way to give everyone their own custom drink! Beautiful!

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