Live Blogging License To Steal – Day One

Thanks to my association with Missouri wines, I am attending License to Steal this week. This national wine marketing has already sent me into a tailspin and it's only lunchtime. Since it's made me take a look at social media from a different angle, I thought I would share my takeaways with you. This morning we started off the day with a introduction to social media from Karen Malone Wright, aka the Communications Goddess. Karen's talk reminded me that I should never brand myself as an expert. Things are always changing in the social media world so there is always a new tactic, insight, etc to learn from. Her talk, aimed towards social media beginners, taught me a few things and gave me some great ideas to try. Karen came from a traditional PR background and was an early adapter of integrating social media. She drove home the triangle to successful social media: transparency, consistency, and authenticity. I consider myself to be somewhat of a Twitter expert but she mentioned a … [Read more...]

DSMM: The Minnie, The Mickey, and The Goofy

Instead of the good, the bad, and the ugly, because there really isn't anything bad about the happiest place on earth, here's my The Minnie, The Mickey, and The Goofy take on the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. I am bucking the trend here by writing anything negative about the event but I am of the school of how can organizers improve things if attendees aren't honest? So here goes... The Minnie (I picked Minnie as the number one because she is my girls' favorite character) -The intimacy of the conference: The organizers could have doubled the size and still not been able to admit everyone who wanted to go. So I give them huge props for keeping it small. It enabled me to chat with several people I would have missed at a bigger conference. And everyone felt approachable. -Grand Floridian: the hotel was gorgeous and surprisingly kid friendly. It changed my image of what a "Disney Hotel" is. -Family events: It was hard not to pinch myself the first night when I was sitting … [Read more...]

Quick Take : Disney Social Media Moms Celebration

It's hard to believe that this time last week I was exiting sessions at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. My family and I had a magical time. Walt Disney World really went above and beyond to make sure that we were all able to experience the magic of the Magic Kingdom and all the other parks. This was the girls' first trip and my first since I was close to their age. We went in as non Disney people and came out a little addicted. Of course, we're forever spoiled for any other theme park visit. Our path to this event was an unusual one. I noticed the Twitter chatter about it and wavered back and forth about going. The girls seemed a little young for Disney and we would have to pull them out of school for almost two weeks. But it was such a great price and a chance for my family to benefit from my social media endeavors. So at the last minute I signed on and got ready to pounce when registration opened. There's been a lot of controversy over how the attendees were picked. … [Read more...]

What’s in a Name?

Today our free weekly interviewed me for a story on bloggers. Don't get excited. I live in a small city with two papers tasked with putting out stories every day. It's pretty easy to get interviewed. I've even randomly been on the cover. Anyway, I got asked the question I hate: what's your job? Any variation on the job question makes me groan because I never quite what to say. My first response is that I am a stay at home mom. Which I am. But I also blog, write, and occasionally carve out some time for a social media job. I volunteer, start groups, work with my multiples group, and generally drive my husband crazy with everything I say yes to. So, advice please: what do you call yourself when you do a little bit of everything? … [Read more...]

Whitewalling : How much do you share?

This past weekend at the Como Social Media Club Facebook Camp, I learned a new term that has quickly become the buzzword I over use: Whitewalling. Urban dictionary defines white walling as "Immediately removing all traces of likes, comments, and other junk from your Facebook wall so that people you're "friends" with (95 percent of whom you dislike and just have to accept to maintain decorum in work and family relationships) can't track you, judge you, know anything about who you are or what you are doing or who's involved in your life. usage: Whitewalling allows Roger to maintain control over his online identity." Though I haven't gone as far as to start removing every thing posted on my wall, I have been slowly removing personal info. As I work towards making a profession out of my social media hobby, the amount of information that was on there seemed like an over share. Especially when it seems like every single person I know wants to be my Facebook friend. Let's face it, my … [Read more...]