Promoting Your Online Work Offline

You may have noticed that my blogging has been light lately. Real life has been keeping me away from the computer. But that’s not always a bad thing. I am glue to my laptop all day every day most days. Looking something like this….
taking blog offline

But over the past five years of blogging, I have found that my biggest success has come from connections I have made IRL. Stepping out from in front of the screen can be scary, after all the internet just keeps going. So here are some ideas to get you started.
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Passion Planner Review

As part of a blogging collaboration group, I was tasked with sharing something that makes my life as a work at home parent a little easier. I knew that it had to share how happy I am with my Passion Planner.

I wasn’t sure exactly how much I would utliize it back when I backed their Kickstarter in November; I just knew that I had to find a planner that would keep track of my home life and work life in one place. Because if you work from your house, you know how quickly the two of them blend! Pulling out two different planners and calendars just wasn’t working for my anymore.

Passion Planner Review

To my delight, it has been everything I hoped for. It’s blending my tasks together seamlessly and helping me stay on track with my 2015 goals. The goals kick started with the mind mapping exercise at the beginning of the planner and continues through mapping space and task breakdown weekly. And there are reflection pages at the end of each month that help break down what I got done, what I didn’t, and why.

And that’s not even counting the weekly quotes and thoughts. And the weekly and daily focus spaces. I could go on and on but let me break down a few of the details for you and you can judge for yourself…
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Top Ten Things Learned at Bloggy Boot Camp

Ten Tips For Blogging From Bloggy BootCamp

As you guys may have gathered from my Twitter feed’s #BBCSTL , I was in St. Louis over the weekend attending Bloggy Boot Camp. It was good to see old friends and meet new ones. As well as pick up some fresh insights for my blog! I wanted to share a few of those insights with you in case you are not able to make it to a bootcamp yourself. And check back tomorrow for some pics from the day!

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Snapshot : What’s in my Blog Conference Bag?

What to Carry at a Blog Conference

Blog conference season is in full swing. And even if you are a conference veteran (my trade show peeps, give me a holla), blog conferences are a whole different ballgame. And if you are a newbie, you are probably thinking what the hell did I get myself into.
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Blogger Seeks Wifi, Finds It at Best Buy Mobile

Disclosure: I will work for wifi. Proof? This post was sponsored by Best Buy.

Um, did you know BlogHer is this week? With all the craziness going on this summer I kind of forgot. Until I woke up in a blind panic this morning realizing I had DONE NOTHING TO PREPARE. Twitter and FB groups freaked me out even more with their talk of thank you tweets and brand meetings. So I did was any smart educated woman does: headed for the mall.

There I wandered around in a daze picking up random bits of clothing and essentials like dry shampoo (mama has got no time for showers at BlogHer.) The clothing shoping was depressing me, not only did nothing fit well at my “summer weight” but I also realized that I could afford none of it. Stupid summer, those twenty five cent ice pops at the pool add up.

Then like a beacon in the night I came across the BEST BUY MOBILE STORE.

It looked all amazingly heavenly and shizznit.
(Sidenote: Have you seen This Is The End? If not, go see it now. AWESOMENESS.)

Anyway, back to Best Buy Mobile…
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Ten Things About Blissdom

Since I was so late to the party (hello TWO WEEKS after the conference), I was totally going to skip a Blissdom recap. But then I felt like, what kind of blogger am I?! I mean I can’t even blog about a blogging conference?!

That’s just sad.
So here it is, my recap…

10 Things You Might Want To Know About Blissdom
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How to Get The Most Out of a Blogging Conference

Getting The Most Out of a Blog Conference
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Marketing Done Well : Toyota at Wanderlust

About the series: Marketing Done Well highlights clever marketing ideas, especially those with a social media bent.

Last week I talked about the brilliant way Lucy marketed their brand at Wanderlust with one simple idea. This week I am going to talk about another great presence at Wanderlust, the Toyota Experience tent (I may be a bit biased since Toyota sent me there!)

This was Toyota’s first year sponsoring Wanderlust. It’s a natural fit since Toyota is the number one name in green technology for automobiles. Still, it was important to them that they not just show their product but showcase their commitment to the values of Wanderlust attendees. To do this, they brainstormed about what attendees at the festival needed and what would be a useful takeaway for them, keeping in mind that they wanted to stay true to Toyota’s mission of green living.

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Book Review : The Barefoot Executive

Hard to believe that SXSWi starts tomorrow! I feel like I have been anticipating it for weeks and now that we check into our hotel tomorrow, I am like a kid on Christmas eve. I only have one thing left to endure, my husband bitching about heavy my luggage is. The is the first time in years (including my honeymoon, a two week trip to Italy, and BlogHerx2) that I have checked a bag. And that bag is mainly filled with books and papers.

I tend to look at vacations, much to my family’s consternation, as a time to catch up on things. And since this is a working vacation, I brought double the stuff to catch up on. A big portion of that stuff is books I have been meaning to read. Most of them are new media specific but I made room for a few general business ones. And a stand out has been The Barefoot Executive: The Ultimate Guide for Being Your Own Boss and Achieving Financial Freedom

Unlike most of the business books I have been reading lately, The Barefoot Executive offers practical advice that I can put into action immediately. I loved the exercises in the book; they really helped me clarify my thoughts.

But perhaps the best part of the book is the relatbaility of the author. Our paths to owning our own businesses are very similar, as our backgrounds. And I adore the fact that though she frequently mentions her family as a motivation for working for herself, it’s done in a matter of fact way not in a gushing “my children are my life” way which is the usual in books written by successful moms. Her business like tone really resonates with me. I feel like this is one of the few entrpuener books I have read that really approach owning your own business in a professional way. If you’re just starting out like me, or wanting to make the jump to working for yourself, I highly recommend picking up this books and/or checking out the Barefoot Executive website (which has a ton of great resources!)

You can find the author Carrie Wilkerson on Twitter and Facebook, as well as on her website.

Disclosure: I received a copy of The Barefoot Executive to review from Living The Moment. All thoughts on this post, and everything else written on this blog, are my own.

Taking a Tech Break

fall foliage

Last week I tweeted that I needed to get off the internet except that my job was working on the internet. There’s the rub isn’t it? Between my freelance jobs, maintaining my group blog, writing on this blog, tweeting, going through email, playing Words with Friends, working my way through Facebook, and checking into FourSquare I spend way too much time on the internet. It’s no wonder that my girls have started telling me “Shut the computer mommy!”

See that gorgeous view I posted above? It’s out my living room window but I never see it. Because my back is to it while I stare at my laptop. It’s a shame. So when Hallmark contacted me about their “blogout” movement encouraging bloggers (and anyone one a little too plugged in) to push the “pause” button, I figured what could it hurt.

Their words: “Our Life is a Special Occasion encourages us to pause and recognize those unplanned, perfectly imperfect moments we share with our loved ones — the moments that take place in between life’s big milestones. We are not suggesting a retirement of your smart phones, televisions or computers. We are asking you to turn off technology for a moment, an afternoon or even a day to give you time to celebrate the unplanned, perfectly imperfect moments you share with those who mean the most to you. Turn off technology and turn up the relationships with those around you.”

I mean, how can you turn that down?

I couldn’t give it up entirely but I did make an effort over the weekend (and Halloween) to put the phone now, close the laptop, and enjoy life. I stayed at my daughter’s Halloween party instead of rushing home to check to see what I “missed” on Twitter and Facebook. Instead of snapping pics with my iPhone and uploading them to share when we raked leaves, I broke out the camera and took some high quality shots. I found that when my girls heard less of me saying “one more minute” they were actually more patient. We were actually able to record the recordable storybook Hallmark sent us without a twin fight.

So though I won’t be giving up the internets any time soon; I will be making more of an effort to make them an addition to my day instead of my focus. Moments are just as memorable without Instagraming them.