Packing The Perfect Plane Bag

So, there's something big I haven't discussed here on the old blog... on Saturday I am headed to Paris for ten days. I know! For years, I have been saying I wanted to turn forty in Paris. And after hoarding miles, begging my parents to come take care of the terror twins, and saving our duckets on March 6th, I will turn 40 on French soil. And to make it even better, my British bestie is coming over with her husband to celebrate with us. It's Mum's day in the UK on the 6th so it will be a double celebration. Of course, I want to bring her girlies treats. And she and a high school friend asked that I bring over some American goodies for them (evidently footed jammies are not a thing in Europe.) Plus all the shopping I want to do. So packing space is at a premium. I have been scouring Pinterest like a fiend for packing advice. Most of it I already knew but I was struck by this pin from Back to My Roots , a blog I had not heard of but am now obsessed with. I couldn't help but … [Read more...]

Taking the Megabus With Kids

A special moment of #EpicRoadTrip15 was taking Desmonda Drama to NYC. Yes we took her twin too but this was Miss D's dream and when we figured out how close we were going to be, we knew we had to make it happen. Now how to do it was another issues all together. Sure we had a car. But did we really want to drive it into the city and deal with the traffic? And pay a fortune to park it? And deal with the tolls there and back? A big Hell to the NO. We figured we would take the train. How cool! How different from the Midwest! How expensive!!! I am not sure how people afford Amtrak. So then a friend suggested Megabus. Yes it was cheap but really with kids? How did it work out? Take a look and see... But I do have a few tips to make the whole thing run way more smoothly... … [Read more...]

Let’s Go Adventuring : Must Have Outdoor Apps

So this post is partly about #EpicRoadTrip15 and partly a sponsored post by U.S. Cellular . Because there is no way we would have made it through the trip without the iPhone and the iPad. We carry these specifically to use on the trip (in addition to the girls' Kindles and our phones.) Why? Because it makes life so much simpler to have all of our apps in one place on one (or two in this case) device. I was reminded of this today as I cleaned off the iphone in preparation for the school year (yes I know it started already but short weeks don't count right?) It always makes me a little sad removing the apps from a trip. They really do enhance our experience, especially the girls'. They are the main users of the phone and it gives them an autonomy over the day and gives us a sense of security when they decide to take off across the Valley Forge battlefield faster than their old parents can run. Before we go we review our mobile use agreement so they aren't just playing Angry Birds at … [Read more...]

Big Country With Andrew Zimmern

This is a sponsored post in partnership with U.S. Cellular. Can you believe that tomorrow is August 1st? Where did summer go? We've been soaking up the last days of sun and swim but like most every other parent in America, I am totally looking forward to school starting back up in a couple of weeks. One of the reasons is that I will finally have the time to write about our Epic Road Trip 2015 where we did twelve states in fourteen days. It was CRAZY but awesome. I love taking the twins on these kinds of trips, exposing them to the rest of the country. It's just so cool to be able to share experiences like sailing past the Statue of Liberty and eating crabs fresh from the dock in Maryland with them. I absolutely loved sharing the trip with friends and family on Instagram. (Check out all the pictures at We were able to do it from Missouri to Maryland because U.S. Cellular delivers national coverage from coast to coast to … [Read more...]

Spring Break is Over and I Am Sad

Hey yo, this post is part of my partnership with US Cellular. Thanks to them for letting me write about stuff on the internet and keeping my eight year old connected to YouTube. Sigh, I guess I have to accept that Spring Break is really over given that it is the Tuesday after. I miss vacation. It's not that our trip to Texas was anything elaborate; it's just good to get away. So I am already planning our summer vacation. With a little help from my smartphone. That way I can plan anytime I need an escape. … [Read more...]

Freshen the Car Up Before Road Tripping It

This is sponsored post through She Speaks and Febreze! It's Spring Break season! And even though we won't be headed out for a couple of weeks, I am already anticipating the long road trip to Texas to see my parents. The girls and I have been making this trip together for almost five years. We have it down to a science but that doesn't mean I don't face it with a small smidgen of dread. After all, it is ten hours in the car with the terror twins. They are past the throwing toys at me stage. But unfortunately still in the the throwing up stage. Car sickness, the struggle is real. That's why I was happy to take the chance to try out Febreze Vent Car Clips. No matter what happens in the back seat, up in the front seat I am in my own little oasis. … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday : Beaches Turks and Caicos Beach

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10 Insider Tips for Beaches Turks and Caicos

It's my reentry day from the fabulous Beaches Moms conference and while I am still recovering from all the amazing ways they spoiled us, I HAD to share some insider tips ASAP in case you are planning a trip. And if you aren't, why not?! … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday : Rocky National Park Clouds

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10 Trips to Take With Your Kids

There are some trips that are just made better by having kids along. As we discovered this past summer when we took the girls to Mount Rushmore and Rocky National Park. Seeing these sites through their eyes made us want to take as many trips as possible with them. So here's a list of ten trips to take with kids. … [Read more...]