24 Hours in…. Petaluma

After the sad news out of Napa, there’s no better time to write about one of my favorite parts of the country and the hidden gem I discovered there this summer… Petaluma.

Petlauma Travel

When I was in California for BlogHer, I had the chance to visit Petaluma on a blog tour. even though I used to live in Northern California, I had never visited this unique spot in Sonoma. Their geological spot, referred to as the Petaluma Gap, lends the wines a distinctive lightness. But this town is about much more than wine.
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Why Choose An All Inclusive?

all inclusive

One day, not so long ago, I swore I would never travel to an all inclusive. Those places were for the boring. I was ready to forge my own path, even if sometimes that path led me to a motel on the side of the road in Venice that was so loud that I didn’t sleep a wink.

So why did I just book Social Media on the Sand as my Fall conference?

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Travel Tuesday : Spending Ramadan in Brunei

Traveling in the Middle East is one of my dreams, especially with the World Cup headed to Qatar. So I am collecting lots of tips ahead of time!

Once a year, in the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims all over the world avoid drinking, eating and smoking before sunset. Although non-Muslim travellers might feel as though they should be wary of travelling to Brunei during this period, there’s actually no need for caution. In fact, Ramadan can be a fascinating time to explore a predominantly Muslim nation – the evenings are often filled with feasting, social gatherings and lively events.

Image source

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Dream Trips : Introducing the Terror Twins to Real Life Terrors

There are so many dream trips my husband and I would like to take. Most don’t include the terror twins but how incredible would it be to take them to Africa? Thrilled to see that this is becoming an option for those of us who are not among the jet set. Still a dream trip, but an attainable one…
Kids on Safari Vacation
photo credit : GreatValueVacations

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Travel Tuesday : Staying Connected in the Magic Kingdom

Mobilizing the Magic

So excited about this news!

Protect Your Tech While Traveling


Tips below!
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Bloggers! On a boat!

Disclosure: I get to go on this cruise for free thanks to Madame Deals and Sea Dog! Thanks!

Sea Dog Fireworks Cruise

In just 16 days I will be taking off for the fair city of Chicago. There I will be eating, drinking, getting my blog on, and hanging out with my friends that live in the computer. And what better way to do that than on a boat?
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Setup Summer : Get the Car Summer Ready!

Disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. Part of this content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias® and FRAM. I was free to write what I wanted and all opinions are my own.

Today is three weeks until summer for us! As you can probably guess, I am basing summer on the date my kids start their break from the regular school year. Even though they have summer school (free in our school district for all kids), the end of the school year means summer is officially here.

To us, summer equals road trips. We go to see family in Texas and Oklahoma; we spend the weekends driving to Missouri sites; we drive all around our city during the day. With my kids’ allergies, it’s important to me that our car be healthy of an environment as possible. I can’t control what affects them all the time, but I can control what affects them in the car (especially on those ten hour trips!)
FRAM Fresh Breeze Air Cabin Filters
Read on for my experience with changing the filter!
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What to Pack for a Blog Conference

Blogging conferences are some of the most fun you can have in a couple of short days. But man those days are packed. So you need to be prepared! After over twenty blog conferences, I consider myself a packing pro. This list will help you tackle your fears and prepare you to wow the crowds, hit the ground running, or at least keep you from dissolving into tears as you pack.

What To Pack For A Blog Conference Like BlogHer Blissdom TypeA
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Dream Trips: From Iceland to St. Louis, Glaciers to Gorillas


This week my prompt as part of the HTC TroopOneX was to write about dream trips. Well the prompt might have been dream “trip” but who could have just one? Not me and the husband who love travel like a fat kids loves cake (to quote 50 Cent.) We have a list of TEN dream trips we would like to take.

And this past summer we crossed one off the list: Iceland!
Look how happy we were to be there!


You may have noticed that I haven’t written about or shared pictures of Iceland. Partly because I had some internet drama happen right around then but mainly because, OMG ICELAND. It’s an impossible country to put into words.

But this post isn’t about Iceland.
It’s about another dream trip. To St. Louis.
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