Green Cleaning With Bon Ami : Review and Giveaway

Since I had the girls, the only cleaners allowed in my house are natural ones. I was already turning into a hippie before they arrived but once I discovered that anything a notch above mild made them turn into red balls of rash, our cabinets underwent a serious cleaning out. However, green cleaning products can get expensive. Sometimes I feel like I have to take out a second mortgage to buy some of them.   So when my frugal mother-in-law recommened Bon Ami to me, I was thrilled. Not had powdered cleanser been the one green thing I couldn't find, the ingredients were earth friendly and it cost just under a dollar. Then I discovered they are a Missouri company. As a localvore, I really try to make an effort to buy as many local products as possible. I was finally able to give up my secret Comet addiction and show some state pride at the same time.   The powdered cleanser I fell in love with was originally developed in the 1880s as a gentle alternative to the gritty … [Read more...]

Kids Book Review and Giveaway : Monday Is One Day

This giveaway is now closed, thank you to all who entered! I was such a reading fanatic as a child that I would have nightmares about my mom punishing me by taking away all of my books. So it would have been horrible if my kids had not been readers. But luckily the girls inherited my love of books and we often spend afternoons jumbled up on the sofa reading. So I jumped on the chance to review Monday Is One Day written by Arthur A. Levine and illustrated by Julian Hector. About the book: One by one, the days of the week roll by. Monday is one day, Tuesday is blue shoes day, and Wednesday is halfway day. With monster roars and splashy puddles, with crazy ties and hugs, kids and parents count the perfect small moments of their weekday time together, looking forward to the weekend, when the days will be all theirs. The Review: It arrived while the girls were at school but like a true picture book lover I sat down to read it immediately. The illustrations really struck a … [Read more...]

Things I Love : Method Detergent

Sometimes you just want to talk about the everyday things you love. It's the little things that make my day. Be it that cup of extra strong tea or a good book. So why not have a series about it? I felt a little ashamed of myself when I read my sister-in-law's blog post about what she uses to clean. Usually I am so frugal and I totally trust in the cleaning power of white vinegar. But I have an addiction. To Method. Since the beginning of their company, I have been hooked on the high of their cute packaging, clever names, pleasant smells, and eco friendliness. I even carry their lavender wipes in my suitcase when I travel. I know; I am weird. But my favorite product is their laundry detergent. I wasn't using Method for my all too frequent laundry duties until they came out with their super concentrated 20oz bottle. It takes up almost no room and lets me dispense right into the washer with one hand. Nice for those mornings when I was up five times the night before and am barely … [Read more...]