A Special Delivery From THE DELIVERY MAN

The Delivery Man Vince Vaughn
This guy has something for you!
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Snackalicious Saturday : Sweet Heath(ier) Snacks

Five Healthy Sweet Snacks

Looking for something to help you conquer your sweet tooth?
These five snacks are a healthier alternative to cookie and ice cream cravings.
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New Trailer For The Lone Ranger

Can not wait to see this!
The Lone Ranger
Disney/Jerry Bruckheimer Films’ The Lone Ranger is a thrilling adventure infused with action and humor, in which the famed masked hero is brought to life through new eyes. Native American warrior Tonto (Johnny Depp) recounts the untold tales that transformed John Reid (Armie Hammer), a man of the law, into a legend of justice—taking the audience on a runaway train of epic surprises and humorous friction as the two unlikely heroes must learn to work together and fight against greed and corruption. The Lone Ranger also stars Tom Wilkinson, William Fichtner, Barry Pepper, James Badge Dale, Ruth Wilson and Helena Bonham Carter.

THE LONE RANGER rides into theaters on July 3rd!

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What Your Wife REALLY Wants for Mother’s Day

This one is for the boys.
Though I imagine it’s more the ladies reading it. And ladies, if you didn’t start singing the Spice Girls song as you read this then I don’t know if we can be friends any longer.

What Your Wife Really Wants For Mother's Day
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Wordless Wednesday : Happy Mother’s Day From Monsters University

Happy Mother's Day From Monsters University
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Setup Summer : Get the Car Summer Ready!

Disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. Part of this content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias® and FRAM. I was free to write what I wanted and all opinions are my own.

Today is three weeks until summer for us! As you can probably guess, I am basing summer on the date my kids start their break from the regular school year. Even though they have summer school (free in our school district for all kids), the end of the school year means summer is officially here.

To us, summer equals road trips. We go to see family in Texas and Oklahoma; we spend the weekends driving to Missouri sites; we drive all around our city during the day. With my kids’ allergies, it’s important to me that our car be healthy of an environment as possible. I can’t control what affects them all the time, but I can control what affects them in the car (especially on those ten hour trips!)
FRAM Fresh Breeze Air Cabin Filters
Read on for my experience with changing the filter!
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Want, Wear, Read, Need


Want: New Sheets
Wear: Old Navy Summer Wardrobe
Read: all of Tana French‘s books
Need: yummy snacks
(This new blogging series is inspired by this SimpleKids post. This post contains affiliate links.)
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Life Moves Pretty Fast…

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All weekend this quote from Ferris has been running through my head.
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Give to Mom, While Giving Back : The Edna Adan Print

It’s Sunday evening and I am working on Sunday Supper. I would like to make this more of a tradition for our little family. However, this will not be the week we all sit down together. My husband is busy recaulking our bathroom and the girls are being treated to a rare Redbox movie (Angelina Ballerina Mousling Mysteries, if you were wondering.)
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The Big Wedding Opens TODAY

The Big Wedding Movie

Anyone headed to the movies this weekend? I am hoping to sneak away to see The Big Wedding. Sad but true: I am a sucker for romantic comedies. This one looks right up my alley. Plus I am a HUGE fan of Diane Keaton. Can not wait to see her and Susan Sarandon spar on the big screen. Add in some of my other favorite underrated actors, Amanda Seyfried and Topher Grace, and I think I am guaranteed a good time. Since Robert DeNiro also stars, maybe I can even convince my film snob husband to see it. And if not, oh well more candy, popcorn, and soda for me. Don’t judge, but I sneak in my own Coke. A girl has to do what a girl has to do in this Pepsi loving town!
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