Setup Summer : Get the Car Summer Ready!

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Today is three weeks until summer for us! As you can probably guess, I am basing summer on the date my kids start their break from the regular school year. Even though they have summer school (free in our school district for all kids), the end of the school year means summer is officially here.

To us, summer equals road trips. We go to see family in Texas and Oklahoma; we spend the weekends driving to Missouri sites; we drive all around our city during the day. With my kids’ allergies, it’s important to me that our car be healthy of an environment as possible. I can’t control what affects them all the time, but I can control what affects them in the car (especially on those ten hour trips!)
FRAM Fresh Breeze Air Cabin Filters
Read on for my experience with changing the filter!
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Want, Wear, Read, Need


Want: New Sheets
Wear: Old Navy Summer Wardrobe
Read: all of Tana French‘s books
Need: yummy snacks
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Life Moves Pretty Fast…

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All weekend this quote from Ferris has been running through my head.
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Give to Mom, While Giving Back : The Edna Adan Print

It’s Sunday evening and I am working on Sunday Supper. I would like to make this more of a tradition for our little family. However, this will not be the week we all sit down together. My husband is busy recaulking our bathroom and the girls are being treated to a rare Redbox movie (Angelina Ballerina Mousling Mysteries, if you were wondering.)
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The Big Wedding Opens TODAY

The Big Wedding Movie

Anyone headed to the movies this weekend? I am hoping to sneak away to see The Big Wedding. Sad but true: I am a sucker for romantic comedies. This one looks right up my alley. Plus I am a HUGE fan of Diane Keaton. Can not wait to see her and Susan Sarandon spar on the big screen. Add in some of my other favorite underrated actors, Amanda Seyfried and Topher Grace, and I think I am guaranteed a good time. Since Robert DeNiro also stars, maybe I can even convince my film snob husband to see it. And if not, oh well more candy, popcorn, and soda for me. Don’t judge, but I sneak in my own Coke. A girl has to do what a girl has to do in this Pepsi loving town!
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Want, Wear, Read, Need : 4/25


Want: Ticket to BlogHer’s Pathfinder day
Wear: Mightee Kids TShirt
Read: Chanel Bonfire: A Memoir
Need: Capabunga

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(This new blogging series is inspired by this SimpleKids post. This post contains affiliate links.)
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Giving Kids a Shot @ Life

Shot @ Life
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Wordless Wednesday : Eye Candy

Thor The Dark World Poster
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Look Good, Feel Better

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It’s gratifying to me when I can use my small space on the internet to share information about something I believe so wholeheartedly in. My aunt suffered terribly during chemo and still does. I am so glad there are oganizations out there like Look Good, Feel Better helping women through this hard time.

Please click through and take a moment or two to learn more about this program!
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Hey Sunday Night

Hi lovely internet friends!

It’s Sunday Night and I am enjoying a post coma food and drink due to Supper Club.
Supper Club if a group of 9 couples where we get together once a month (one group of four couples, one group of five) and share a meal together. No potluck, no sharing, the host couple does all. So twice a year we get to conceive a meal and cocktails and ten months of the year we get to enjoy a free evening of good food, drinks, and company. It’s win/win.

It was the perfect end to a busy weekend full of the EPIC GARAGE SALE we hosted. After it ended Saturday, we cleaned out our garage. And then I went to bed at nine.

This Sunday should have been full of the lazy but instead it was full of Waffle house breakfasts and Girl Scout meeting where I talked about gardening and Earth Day. Often at these things I am expecting someone to bust me at impersonating a responsible adult. But even though I have been asked to leave the PTA, no one has stopped me yet.

So I wind down my weekend by browsing the Minted site, purveyors of business cards, stationary, art prints, and graduation announcements. They emailed me asking if I would like a credit to their site and I screamed in internet speak YES! I am such a paper nerd.

Tonight I go to sleep dreaming of lamb lasagna, garage sale pedicure money, the world’s fanciest business cards, and patches for rainbow spotting. I hope your dreams are as nice as mine.