Taking Control With The Stork

This is a sponsored post through The Motherhood. I am very happy to be spreading the words about The Stork. Opinions and words are my own and do not reflect the views of The Stork or The Motherhood.

Oh hello, it’s been awhile friends. Life has been racing by this August. After I got home from BlogHer, I set off again for a trip with my husband to DC and then onto Cancun to celebrate his fortieth birthday. It was lovely.

However, since then it feels as if we have been living under our own personal rainstorm. I swear that if I glance up quickly I can just catch site of the little storm cloud hovering above my head. Real physical things have been going wrong: broken toilet, broken car, broken body but I think it’s my spirit that is really broken lately. My sister got some bad fertility news while we were in Mexico and I can’t stop thinking about her.
Broken Heart

Seeing her sad face on my layover in Dallas brought all those memories of my own infertility back. The disappointment in the one line each month. The hopelessness of not knowing when things would happen. The helplessness of having no control. And we were relatively lucky in our journey. We hit it out of the park on our first try at IUI, conceiving the terror twins. I can’t imagine going through more time and expense than we did.

That’s why I was thrilled that I was asked to join a group that was given access to The Stork’s founder.
What is The Stork?
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Supporting Women Through Shopping With Plum Alley

Disclosure: Plum Alley sponsored this post. I am thrilled to be partnering with this wonderful company!
Plum Alley

It is so appropriate that this be one of my post BlogHer posts! One of my favorite moments last week was hearing Sheryl Sandberg speak. Her book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead has its critics and detractors but I am a fan. If nothing else, it is bringing the conversation of the inequalities of women in the workplace and what we can do about it back into focus. And it’s only $10 right now on Amazon! Buy it!

Plum Alley is a one way to Lean In beautifully.
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Keeping Your Dog Safe This 4th of July With Made in the USA Nudges Dog Treats

Disclosure: Thank you to the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community and Nudges for sponsoring this post about dog safety! This shop has been compensated but my thoughts and words are my own!

Fourth of July Safety With Nudges

Thanks to Nudges’ healthy dog treats, my dog Peanut Butter is all prepped for the fourth of July!
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Snackalicious Saturday : Sweet Heath(ier) Snacks

Five Healthy Sweet Snacks

Looking for something to help you conquer your sweet tooth?
These five snacks are a healthier alternative to cookie and ice cream cravings.
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What Your Wife REALLY Wants for Mother’s Day

This one is for the boys.
Though I imagine it’s more the ladies reading it. And ladies, if you didn’t start singing the Spice Girls song as you read this then I don’t know if we can be friends any longer.

What Your Wife Really Wants For Mother's Day
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Want, Wear, Read, Need : 4/25


Want: Ticket to BlogHer’s Pathfinder day
Wear: Mightee Kids TShirt
Read: Chanel Bonfire: A Memoir
Need: Capabunga

Click through to find out more about this week’s choices!
(This new blogging series is inspired by this SimpleKids post. This post contains affiliate links.)
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Little Luxuries : Ecigarettes

Recently while at True/False, my friend asked us to head outside to smoke. I was a little flabbergasted, especially considering our third friend was pregnant, until she whipped out an electronic cigarette. I know how addictive smoking can be. And it’s not just the nicotine. My friend actually has more of an addiction to oral (sounds dirty doesn’t it?) I get it because my daughter is the same way; her nervous tics make her want to chew on things.

After talking to her and learning more about e-cigarettes, I decided to partner with V2 Cigs for my little luxuries series. I love that there is a product that can make a bad habit less harmful.

Electronic cigarettes are an alternative nicotine delivery system. The idea is to take out the ingredients which cause smoking-related illnesses like tar, carbon monoxide, arsenic, formaldehyde and carcinogens. Of course you are still inhaling nicotine so it’s not like they are risk free! The major plus in my opinion is that they do not release smoke so you are not harming those around you.
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Farfaria StoryTelling App

FarFaria StoryTelling App

Recently I was give the chance to review the Farfaria iPad storytelling app. http://www.farfaria.com/. My kids were instantly addicted. And it’s an addiction I totally support. Who doesn’t want their kids to read more? I love how the app encourages them to read books by exploring different worlds. Plus as they explore they are learning classification of literary styles. Sneaky Farfaria, very sneaky!

Some of the things I, as a parent, love about the app:
-There are no purchase prompts so my kids aren’t frustrated by a dead end and I am not hit up for extra costs
-The map layout makes it easy to explore and allows my kids to take charge (and yes, gives me more free time!)
-Exclusive content means that my kids aren’t seeing the same old, same old… instead there are tons of new books to explore
-All stories can be read in offline mode. We’re Luddites with our wifi only iPad so this feature is SUPER important, especially when we’re using the iPad as a babysitter at doctor appointment, dinners out, or (cough) business meetings (hey a mom has got to do what a mom has got to do)

Looking for an out of the box gift option? A FarFaria Subscription e-gift card is something you know will get used and not tossed aside in a day or two. A 6-Month Gift Subscription is $21.99 and a 12- Month Gift Subscription is $39.99.

Buy Here: http://bit.ly/WCUphA
You can also download the app and get a free 15 day trial to check it out!

Want to know more?
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FarFaria
Twitter: http://twitter.com/FarFaria
Blog: http://blog.farfaria.com/

Friday Five : Green Gifts Guide

In the interest of sharing lots of different ideas this holiday season, I wanted to share the Green Bride Guide’s FIVE GREEN HOLIDAY GIFTS UNDER $25. You can go green and stay under budget! Click through for the choices!

The Green Bride Guide, the nation’s leading resource for eco-friendly wedding ideas, product and services, offers five great green gift ideas for under $25.

The Green Bride Guide website was launched in 2009 by environmental lawyer Kate Harrison after her book, Green Bride Guide, became a best-seller in the wedding category (Sourcebooks, 2008).

Five Green Gifts!


Price: $24.95 for a set of four

Description: This set of four coasters is handmade from the branch of a fallen maple tree, making them a unique and eco-friendly gift or decor piece. The coasters are kept as natural as possible. The bark has been removed and each one has been sanded smooth on all sides. Each coaster is finished with 2 coats of water based polyurethane that is traditionally used to seal hardwood floors. You will receive the 4 coasters that will look very similar to the photo.

2)Hand & Foot Care Gift Set: Refresh

Price: $20.00 Includes:
· 1/2 oz bottle of Aromatherapy Hand & Body Lotion
· 1/2 oz bottle of Gentle Cleansing Body Wash
· 1/2 oz bottle of Certified Organic Moisturizing Body Oil
· 3 oz bag of Aromatic Bath Salts
· Wooden foot or nail brush made with natural bristles

Description: Want to give someone a special gift? Give them the gift of touch. What better way to give a memorable gift than by giving someone a neck and shoulder massage, a hand or foot massage, maybe a mani-pedi, or all the above. Incorporate a little aromatherapy and you have the perfect formula for putting them into a state of bliss. This little Hand & Foot Care aromatherapy gift set keeps hands and feet in tip-top shape and smelling great.


Price: $16

Description: Liven up your kitchen this holiday season with this gorgeous set of whimsical beechwood bird kitchen utensils. These sensational spoons are laser-engraved to ensure the images will not fade, they won’t scratch or damage non-stick cookware, and they do not impart any flavor.


Price: $25

Description: These amazing eco friendly rings are created from the antique glass reclaimed throughout the wooded habitats in the Pennsylvania Amish Country. The glass from vintage mason jars are hand cut and fired, producing tons of beautiful seed bubbles in the glass, then and mounted on a sterling plated platinum ring. The silver back reflects the light through the pretty transparent glass giving the look of a constant glow. Band is fully adjustable to fit everyone with a comfortable fit.


Price: $25

Description: Indonesian artistry is showcased in the opalescent mother of pearl with Pearlescent Salt and Pepper Shakers. These elegant serving accessories includes one of nature’s most beautiful offerings from a fully sustainable source.

About The Green Bride Guide™

The Green Bride Guide has everything you need to plan a green wedding. The site is the leading resource for eco-friendly wedding ideas, product and services. The Green Bride Guide directory has over 1,500 green wedding service providers, such as restaurants that serve local, organic food and limousine companies that use hybrid vehicles. Its Green Wedding Shop has a large selection of eco-friendly wedding invitations, favors, and reception decor and the site’s Green Wedding Gift Shop & Registry has over a thousand home goods hand selected for their quality and environmental savings. For further information visit www.greenbrideguide.com.

SnowMee, ShowMee, That You LoveMee

So last weekend the girls were SO excited when I woke up on Saturday morning. They told me they had a present for me. Usually their presents consist or a random toy wrapped up in a drawing so I wasn’t too excited.

But this time they were not kidding around.

They excitedly brought me a beautiful black box tied with a ribbon. When I opened it, I found a cute purple snow globe nestled inside. My Snomee had arrived for review!

Snowmee Gift Card Holder


What is Snomee? It’s a creative, fun way to package gift cards. I personally love giving gift cards but I struggle with the right way to package them. I love to express that I was thinking of them, not convenience, when I got the gift card. But most gift card packaging is as impersonal as the gift card. Snomee takes it to a new level by making the packaging part of the gift and making the gift card a fun surprise inside of it. And you can write a personal note that they see when they take the gift card out.

See it in action!

Snomee will be rolling out in time for the 2012 holiday season. You can email them at hello@snomee.com to find out when or check out their website.


Disclosure: I was given a Snomee and a$25 gift card in order to facilitate this review. I was asked to, and did, give my honest opinion.