Get Your Kids Dancing With the Peanuts Movie

Hope your weekend was great! We started off ours by seeing the Peanuts Movie with a while posse of moms and kids thanks to Fandango (who sponsored this post!) We were three moms and six kids, ranging from three to eight. There's something so fun about seeing movies with my friends and their kids. Someone is sure to love the film and get the rest of us engaged. Along for this trip was my mom movie buddy BJ. We've seen films that our kids love (like Inside Out, Spongebob, and the Lego Movie) and films we'd never let our kids see, no matter how hard they beg, such as Jurassic World, Trainwreck, and Straight Outta Compton. But this is the first time I have seen a movie with her two boys. I may have to drop her for her youngest because his love for the Peanuts movie was infectious. … [Read more...]

So Many Tasks; So Little Weekend

As the weekend draws to a close, all I can think about it how everything I needed to get done that I didn't get too. That's why this sponsored post with CVS MinuteClinic is so timely. If I am going to do something like a flu shot, it has got to be quick and super easy. I know some people don't think they need the flu shot but this mama has NO time to get sick. And while a common cold is not going to bring me down, the fever headache, sore throat, dry cough, stuffy or runny nose and muscle aches that come with the flu sideline me every time. Plus since it's a respiratory infection, my weak lungs put me at greater risk. Not to mention the possibility of infecting my husband or kid who both have asthma and breathing problems. And even though the flu season doesn't peak until January it starts now. And it takes about two weeks for antibodies to develop in your body to provide protection, so it’s never too soon! Get to the shots ASAP friends. I did the research so you don't have … [Read more...]

The Prettiest Mouths in the World

We presently have the prettiest mouths in the world thanks to this sponsored post by LISTERINE®. I know you may argue with me that your teeth are shiner, etc. but throw me a bone here. It's been a tough couple of weeks and my parenting pride is withering. So getting the terror twins to take care of their oral health feels like a HUGE win! I have convinced them (with the help of the LISTERINE® Frozen themed bottle) that all princesses have really lovely teeth and gums as pink as pearls. Because while most of us think we are doing a good enough job, way more of us suffer from some form of oral disease than you would think. I inherited poor gums from my dad (thanks dad) and don't want my kids to every have to spend the quality time with a pick that I have. Plus when I instill a good oral health routine in my kids; I am helping their overall wellness. And then I feel way less guilty about all of those vegetables they didn't eat at dinner. LISTERINE® put together an awesome … [Read more...]

Back to School with Teenage Drivers

Is everyone finally back to school now? I feel like today is the VERY LAST FIRST DAY which is makes it a perfect day to post this sponsored post from U.S. Cellular. Because back to school brings a lot of new changes and more teen drivers on the road. Even with the most responsible teens, driving is a major milestone. If you are looking to get your new drive an upgraded phone (or gasp) their first smartphone, U.S. Cellular is a great choice because it provides a high-quality network and national coverage that keeps your teen and all its customers connected in big and small cities and rural communities. And it has several resources that can help families with young drivers have some peace of mind. … [Read more...]

Let Tinderize Parenting

This peek into the tech dating culture is sponsored by US Cellular. Being in Texas for Spring Break has allowed me to see how the other half live... the young, single half. I spent last night hanging out at a hot bar scene. And after I got over ordering $15 (FIFTEEN DOLLAR) cocktails on an iPad Air (a little pretentious no?), I then was free to be outraged over how out of touch I am. … [Read more...]

10 Easy Valentine’s Day Class Party Ideas

So every year there is a sucker and this year that sucker was me. I am of course, speaking of the job of class parent. It's up to me to throw three holiday (but not holiday specific parties a year.) Each one needs to be amusing enough for twenty kids, not involve anything messy, take less than five minutes to set up, but be thirty minutes long. Yeah. But my favorite one is coming up, the Valentine's Party! Not only do I get to involve the actual holiday but it's also the last one. With two under my belt, I know what works and what doesn't. So now, I am sharing the best tips with you. Here's the top ten for easy Valentine's Class Party tips! … [Read more...]

And Then There’s This

The invitation to my friend's New Year's Day party said "2015, Be Better." I feel you, boy do I feel you. At the beginning of the December, we found out that daughter one needs two different therapy appointments a week, appointments that aren't covered by insurance. And then the next day we found out that the school wants to pull assistance. Then daughter two was diagnosed with ADHD. In the four years we have been in and out of testing this has never been suggested. But it's not totally shocking because SQUIRREL But I digress. I am not sure why ADHD has thrown me for such a loop. In comparison to the other issues she is dealing with, ADHD is relatively mild. There is a lot that can be done for it. It is something that can be managed, something that we can teach her about. There's so much information out there. And that's probably the issue; I am overwhelmed with information. Diet, meds, non meds, essential oils, magnesium, therapy, books, guides, etc. Where to … [Read more...]

Fight! Fight! Fight!

This morning I was once again awakened by the gentle, dulcet tones of World War Three, aka a twin fight. These two girls of mine love each other so much but you could never tell it from their almost constant fighting. This morning, I just could not take it anymore and ended up sending them both to their rooms and declaring it a screen free day. But they can't stay apart forever and let's face it, mama needs them to have screen time again at some point. So, tell me internets, what can I do? … [Read more...]

Fun Family Games

Whether you are looking for a great gift to give to a family or just something to have fun with during the holidays (or any get togethers,) these five games are fun for the whole family. … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Ending the Chore Wars

"I'm tired; I need to lay down." That's what we hear every time we ask the girls to make their bed, clean their room, pick up their toys, etc. So I was thrilled when Gregg Murset, CEO of offered to share some chore tips. My husband and I have been talking about trying allowance to chores as their "jobs" so these are perfect for us. … [Read more...]