My Extraordinary Kid

Lazy summer, where are you? It’s been a long week with both the girls being ill. Desmonda Drama even had to miss the entire week of summer school because of two different infections. And then on top of that, she had a morning of testing that we couldn’t cancel. Of course, I am in tatters but she is still tearing around the house with a smile on her face.


That kid. She is something else.
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Cooking With Books, Fictional Recipes Are Yummy

One of my goals is to cook more with my kids. I grew up watching my mom cook and turned into an awesome one myself (#humblebrag.) She didn’t actually cook that much with me so I could just take my chances that the terror twins learn by osmosis like me. But that would defeat my goal of turning them into domestic servants by eight. So cooking with kids it is.

Cooking With Kids

Up first, Tiana Mac and Cheese!
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#BeautyIs Determination

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I confess that sometimes it’s easier fun to say yes than no. Desmonda Drama has been dissolving into a a crying, whiny mess every evening. And I am pretty sure it is due to her summer schedule. Summer school is open to every kid in our school district, so she has been attending that, then swimming at our swim club, and then on top of that attending adapted swim lessons every evening.

desmonda drama dove beautyis

So when she woke up this morning and said how about I stay home today and go to school tomorrow. I couldn’t help but say yes. Even though tomorrow is Saturday. well played, Desmonda Drama. Well played.
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Guest Post : How to Plan A Summer Vacation After Divorce

Planning a summer vacation after a divorce can either be a joyous, fun time in your life or it can be a hard-fought, stressful battle with your ex-spouse if children are in the mix.  Whatever your personal situation, experienced divorce lawyers generally advise to plan ahead for any summer vacations after a divorce, as it makes the process easier on yourself, your ex-spouse, and your children.  

Summer Vacation After a Divorce
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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday : #365 Kids

The 365 Kids Project

You know the Project 52 that is all the rage in blogland? Where you take a portrait of your kids once a week every week? Come on now! Calling it portrait is pretentious (especially since most of the pics are taken with an iphone) and taking a picture of my kids once a week seems pretty slackerish. Perhaps there is more to it and maybe I am just not artsy enough to get it. But I decided to do something different this year and post an everyday picture of my kids to Instagram. Every day. I hashtagged it #365Kids.

And while I haven’t made it every day, I still love seeing the results. I will take these funny moments over hipster 52 portraits every time.

How to Dress Your Kids for Snowy Weather

Proper Winter Gear for Kids

It’s been an especially harsh winter, darn that polar vortex. The girls were out of school all last week. And to keep sane I kept getting them to go outside and get their yayas out. As I learned during our year in Minnesota, the key to getting your kids outside is dressing them properly. And with areas that normally are mild getting inches of snow, I figured it was a good time to pass on some tips!
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NickMom Thanksgiving : No More Fun For You

Occasionally I think I am funny. Thank you to Social Fabric and NickMom for agreeing and sponsoring my post!

Thanksgiving PostKids MotherFunny Cbias Shop

Do you ever look back on your pre-kids self and think “Bless Your Heart?” I am blessing all over the place when I think about how much I used to enjoy Thankgiving. “A holiday with no expectations! How lovely!” I used to think. Oh dear me. Little did I know that when you have kids, Thanksgiving is turned from a wine swilling Friendsgiving type atmosphere to a atmosphere more reminiscent of the fraught royal courts of yore. And in case you think you should have a crown on your head, oh no my friend. Your kids are the royalty; you are more of the lady in waiting.
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From One Parent to Another, Smiling it Forward

I’ve been looking forward to sitting down and writing this post for awhile. Because what a lovely topic, right? Smiling it Forward. It’s not often that I get paid to write about something like it. (By the way, I have received information and products from McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc., the makers of TYLENOL®. The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks. Yada, yada.) But instead this post turned into the story of why it was so hard for me to write this post. Meta.

Smiling It Forward

That smiling imp above is my girl.
And that smile on her face is so lovely to see. Because so often her face in contorted in pain.

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Disney Princess Parties Just Because

This post is sponsored by Collective Bias. Thanks guys for helping my little girl’s dreams come true. Hopefully she will get a chance to thank you in person at the #SoFab conference!

So I have been trying to “just say yes” more. It’s a struggle with two kids of competing needs just to not say “no” or “hold on” as a reflex. I feel like I am always trying to meet both their needs which means I never end up meeting either of their needs. Cue twinparent guilt.

Twin B has been working especially hard this semester to up her physical abilities. We have been pulling her out of school twice a week to go to physical therapy (graciously provided for free by the University of Missouri’s physical therapy school.) She has to miss “choice time” which is the only free play period of the day. I feel pretty bad about that so I decided to surprise her with a special treat.

My girl working hard!!

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The Blurred Lines of Raising Girls

The internet blew up last week over this post from blogger Given Breath. While I was outraged, especially as a mom to two girls and especially since the first version of the post was full of half naked pictures of her boys, it got me thinking about the double standards and blurred lines my girls will face as they grow up

At this point my girls are incredibly innocent. In fact I worry more about them being too immature than about them being too mature. But I know the day is rapidly approaching where they will develop crushes, want to to wear makeup, and be using whatever the newest version of Snapchat is.

And here is where it gets tricky. Because I agree with the statement of “we should be teaching our boys not to rape, instead of teaching our girls how to not get raped.” But in reality, my girls are growing up in a society where a 20 year old girl is judged for thrusting her ass on stage but the 35 year old man feeling her up is seen as a victim of circumstance.

So while I don’t want to teach my girls to watch their mannerisms online in case boys think of them sexually, as Mrs. Hall suggests; I do need them to know that it is true. That men will often think of them in a sexual way before anything else. It’s not fair, but it’s true.

What I want to say to Mrs. Hall and to all moms of boys is: be a partner with me and all moms of girls.

Let’s teach our kids to think about what they put online; how they view each other; and to look beyond a momentary random picture. And when we see a picture we feel crosses the line, let’s open a dialogue about it and remind our kids that what goes online stays online and that they should never, ever forward a picture sent to them on to someone else.

And let’s call each other when we see our kids’ friends being inappropriate online. Instead of writing open letters to their children on the internet.

In the meantime, I will teach my girls to respect their bodies because they may be the only ones who do.