Forget Ebola, Take Care of the Flu

This post about flu shots (TLDR? Get one now!) is in partnership with Minute Clinic.
Minute Clinic Flu shot
Lately my Facebook feed has been filled with hysteria about Ebola. Friends, I know those click bait headlines are hard to ignore but if you spend your time reading about quarantine policies by state, you’re missing out on protecting you and your family about something a lot more likely to befall you, the flu.

After all, your chances of getting Ebola are a million to one (< - completely made up non-scientific fact) but your chances of getting flu are a lot more likely. And there's nothing you can do about Ebola besides not become a health care worker or travel to certain parts of Africa. But flu prevention is as close as your nearest Minute Clinic.
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Cars.Com Gives Good #NewCarFace

It’s the little things they say, but sometimes it’s the big things. Like a new car. Thanks to for sponsoring this post!

New Car Face Logo

Recently I started the application to become an Uber driver. They are headed to my city and it seemed like a good way to add some extra income to our travel budget. When I told my husband he informed me that no one was going to want to pay to ride around in my mom mobile. My response was that I wanted to use his car.

His face looked like I wanted to sell off our first born. Which might have not been so off the mark. He loves his Mazda. Oh that 3 and the car shopping journey we went through But it was worth all the research on and the FOUR WEEK wait for it to come in from the dealer just to see to get to that new car face he has been wearing every time we ride in it.

If you want to have your own blissful car shopping journey use to take the drama out it. but now they’re taking it out of new cars by paying off someone’s car loan up to $25,000.

Just imagine how being this happy to have won!
#newcarface Social Image 1

Click through for details!
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Upgrade Your Tailgate!

This post is sponsored by Sam’s Club the place to tailgate, I mean get your tailgating stuff, Sam’s Club. But honestly, I could tailgate right there! Awesome food samples and cheap hot dogs. What more could a fan ask for? Well a lot more it seems.

Now days, tailgating is a competitive sport. And it’s not just about the food anymore, it’s also about the entertainment. I love checking out some of the setups when I am cruising the parking lots. At first, I thought the people with the TVs were crazy but when you’ve got a cross fan family. Well they almost become a necessity.

So if you’re going to go big, here are some tailgating upgrades from Sam’s Club.
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Tailgate Time!

Friends, when Country Outfitter asked me if I wanted to post about tailgate fashion my answer was a resounding HECK YES! I admit, I don’t know too much or get too worked up about college football but tailgating on the other hand… sign me up!

Tailgate Fashion With Country Outfitter

What could be better than hanging out with your friends, playing games, eating great food (calories totally don’t count if they are eaten outside,) and having some hometown pride. So I knew I had to post today on this very important holiday: show your colors day! My city is head to toe in black and gold.

Mizzou Show Your Colors
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Flip the Script With Target Pharmacy Rewards

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target. All opinions are my own.

Is everyone back to school now? It seems like the waves of friends posting back to school pics have been coming for awhile now. And now we are in our second week, eek. Where did the summer go?

But if anything makes me realize that summer is over for realsies, it’s the cough and cold infestation. The girls are usually pretty healthy, we even call one bionic since she never ever gets sick, but the husband and I catch everything they don’t, Basically they are the carriers and we are the victims.

The only upside to this constant sickeness is the Target Pharmacy Rewards program.

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This is Happiness

Happy Family asked bloggers to share their own happy moments in August in honor of National Happiness Happens Day, August 8th. I’ve been strangely blocked on writing this post. Sure there are small happy moments every day but lately they have seen overshadowed by all the worry.

Sometimes worry can drive you crazy.
Then you spend a hot afternoon at a friend’s doing nothing more than drinking a jelly jar of wine and watching your kids run wild.

Happiness Happens

Happiness happens when you least expect it, when you least plan for it. When you let go. Here’s a jelly jar glass of wine cheers to that.

I know you all have you own little moments when happiness just happened. Consider uploading a video of yours to the Happy Family Facebook page and you will be entered to win a fun prize for your happy family. Contest ends the 27th!

Happy Family

Do More, Move More, Cheer More with Degree and US Soccer

Partnering with Global Influence for this sponsored post about Degree and the World Cup.
Degree World Cup
It’s here! After a weekend of matches, America finally makes its entry into the cup today with the match against Ghana. though my husband is leaving to go watch the match with fellow American Outlaws members, I plan to have it stream here at home too. Even though the girls do not play soccer, their father’s love of futbol is definitely rubbing off on them.

And they are not alone…
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Auto Insurance Comparison, Done and Done!

I am a member of the Collective Bias Social Fabric® Community. Collective Bias has provided me with compensation for my time and effort to evaluate this website. Participation in this program is voluntary. As always, all opinions are 100% my own. Love, love, love partnering with and #CollectiveBias on this post on car insurance. Cars and dads go together like pb and jelly, in my opinion. Me and cars, not so much.

Happy Sunday! How are the fathers in your life? My husband has been watching the World Cup all day so he’s happy. I am bummed though, because I haven’t gotten a chance to talk to my own dad.

Through out my life, he’s been my calm, comforting rock. It’s amazing to me how unflappable he was and still is. The Terror Twins give him a run for the money, but after raising my and my sister, I think he’s ready for anything. Especially after enduring my awful driving.
Auto Insurance comparison 1
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Guest Post : Graduating This Year? Don’t Get Hit With A DUI

A Montgomery County, PA father decided to host a party for his underage daughter and her friends, thinking that they will be safe under his watchful eye.  However, when the party got out of hand and one of the minors became so intoxicated that he was vomiting on the front lawn, the police arrived, arrested the father and charged him with 43 counts of corruption of minors, 61 counts of selling/furnishing liquor to minors, and 1 count of recklessly endangering another person.  

Underage drinking is against the law and providing minors with alcohol carries with it serious criminal penalties.  In addition, a person furnishing minors with alcohol can also face civil liability if the minor gets hurt or hurts someone else.  Underage drinking never leads to anything positive and experienced DUI lawyers frequently explain that it can have serious legal implications for both the underage person and the one who provided them with alcohol.  With high school graduations coming up fast and summer break around the corner, parents and students alike should think twice before incorporating alcohol into their celebration.

Caught drinking underage at a graduation party?

While every state has its own laws regarding how underage drinking cases are handled, some being more severe than others, these are generally looked at seriously and have potentially long-lasting legal implications.  Furthermore, many states have a number of different criminal charges that you can be charged with for underage drinking, it’s not just a single “underage drinking” offense.  For example, in Pennsylvania, along with a charge for Underage Drinking, you may face additional charges of Misrepresentation of Age to Purchase Alcohol and/or Carrying a Fake ID.  All three of these charges carry hefty fines, potential jail time, and mandatory periods of driver’s license suspension.  

Aside from these charges and those similar in other states, virtually every state has specific carve-outs in the law for those under 21 who are caught for driving under the influence (DUI).  These charges may have different standards and penalties than standard DUI cases, specifically in that they may have a lower threshold for a conviction.  Again, for example, in Pennsylvania, the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit is .08%, however, for a minor this limit is significantly lower, at .02%.  These DUI charges have significant penalties, as well, including fines, costs, potential jail time, and license suspension periods.

What if adults provided you with alcohol?

As illustrated above, there are serious charges and penalties if parents or adults knowingly provide alcohol to minors.   The reality is that some parents remember the first time they drank, whether it was underage or not, and want to be able to provide their child a safe environment to experiment with alcohol.  DUI lawyers frequently hear the excuse that since many kids inevitably try drinking alcohol, some parents just think it’s a good idea that they do so under supervision.

However, selling/furnishing/providing alcohol to minors can carry significant penalties, no matter what state you are in.  Much like how there are a number of charges that a minor could be charged with for drinking underage, there are typically a number of charges for adults, as well.  If minors are seriously injured due to the alcohol provided by an adult, even more serious criminal charges can be filed.  Furthermore, parents or adults who provide alcohol to minors which in turn results in the death in the minor or someone else are also subject to civil liability under a negligence theory or a particular state’s Dram Shop Laws.  

Unlike the charges and penalties faced by minors for underage drinking, which may be eligible for “diversion” or probationary programs for first time offenders, the criminal charges and penalties faced by parents or adults in furnishing the alcohol are not.  They are serious charges, which tend to carry substantial fines and significant jail time.

About the author:

As part of the experience PA DUI lawyers at The Martin Law Firm, P.C., located in Blue Bell, PA. Alex Magid, Esquire provides legal representation in the areas of DUI and criminal defense as well as wills, trusts, and estates. Alex is a graduate of Penn State University, where he earned his degree in Crime, Law & Justice. To read more of Attorney Magid’s work, please visit

The Power of Dads

Last week was rough, my main guy was out of town. And though I joke about pulling more than my weight when it comes to the house and kids, the truth is that my husband pulls more than his weight around here.
oralb salute to dad

Especially when it comes to the nighttime routine.
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