Winter Beauty Tips

Yay! February! Even though it came roaring in with our first snow day, I am enjoying winter a little more this month. Sure, it’s snowy but the after Christmas let down is gone and the month is broken up by Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day may be a corporate invention but it’s still a fun excuse to get dressed up or at the very least pamper yourself a bit. After a couple of months of cold, it’s time to take off the woolies and treat your skin right!

Read on for my best tips for winter beauty!
winter beauty essentials
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365 Kids : Week One

Last year I resolved to take a picture of my kids everyday. Even with smart phones, I find myself only clicking occasionally. And often those are the “big” times. The beauty of digital photography is that you can capture as much as you want. I want to preserve as much of every day life as we can.
I dropped the ball last year early on but this year I recommitting. Of course that means my phone started dying every other day. Life! Still, images from week one of 2015. Follow along on Instagram at #365kids.


This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Ten minutes ago I was sobbing in the car. Granted it has been an emotional morning with a friend losing a parent. But when I heard the descriptions of Eric Garner’s last moments alive being described on Democracy Now, a part of me broke. It seems unreal that this is 2014.

Indict the System Black Lives Matter
On Tuesday a friend asked people to attend the student rally on the Mizzou campus. It was both heartening and disheartening. For me, as someone who is twenty years out of college, it was impressive and inspiring to see what students has organized and to hear their voices. But it was incredibly depressing to hear them talk about the micro aggressions and discrimination they experience on a daily basis.

The leader read a Mizzou themed list calling out White Privilege. To say that some of the facts she shared were eye opening is an understatement. Time and time again I heard the speakers say that you need to check your privilege at the door. Sometimes we need to shut up and listen and this is that time. When I see people say they don’t understand the fear of police, the discrimination, I have to wonder do you not believe what your friends say? What these students say? What your fellow citizens say?

Listen. Listen to understand.

The last speaker on Monday chided the allies in the audience saying it wasn’t enough to show up and just say you are an ally. You have to earn that right. In a sense I disagree with her. Because I think it needs to be taken further.

It is not enough to call yourself an ally. An ally is someone who joins in to give support to a cause but this is not just a cause we can say is someone else’s. When our friends and family tell us they feel like second class citizens, it’s becomes our problem. When our fellow citizens are being shot and and choked to death, it is not someone else’s cause. It is every American’s cause.

The rally ended with linked hands and a repeating of intentions. I am paraphrasing but it began with “it is out duty to fight for our rights and it is our duty to win.” And it is my duty, and yours, and every one’s to not let this die. It is our duty to speak up, to act out, and to make the change.

We are part of the problem and we must be part of the solution. The protest chant goes “Show them what democracy looks like.” It’s time to really show what democracy looks like.

Use Your Cell to Shop Like a Pro This Season

One of my favorite parts of being an ambassador for US Cellular is using their 4G LTE network to rock out when I shop. It keeps me connected, gets me the best deals, and rewards me for shopping. What could be better than that?

Even if you’re not like me and don’t plan to visit all of the stores during busy holiday season and instead like to shop from your couch, smartphones can assist in ensuring you are efficient in your purchases. Below great apps to assist in your shopping, no matter if you do it from home or the couch.
Apps for Holiday Shopping
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10 Tips For a Sane Holiday

Heads up: I wrote this post as part of my participation in a blog tour for The Motherhood on behalf of the makers of Children’s MOTRIN® and received compensation to thank me for taking the time to participate. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Tips for a Sane and Happy Holiday
This is the moment when I pull out phrases like “Oh lordy” because husband gone on a business trip plus child sick plus other child freaking out plus a random Tuesday off (WTF school district!) plus too much work equals one exhausted me. Then my friend mentioned there are only seven Saturdays until Christmas.


But never fear because I have kind of cracked the code for a sane holiday. When I follow these ten tips I get all zen like and feel no need to bring out the lordyness. So read on my friends, read on.
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Your Classism is Showing

This morning I started my post kids equivalent of the New York Times at the local cafe: the website Cafe and a cup of lukewarm tea at my breakfast table. I was especially excited to read Deb Copaken’s first piece for them. Her books have long been favorites of mine. Especially Hell Is Other Parents which, before I started reading blogs, was the one thing that assured me that I was not alone in thinking parenting was a crazy ass trip.

Then I saw the words that were chosen to be caught in an image for the Cafe piece…
Deb Copaken Cafe Dot Com
May I repeat that again
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This post is in partnership with Tresemme and Global Influence.
Terror Twins Halloween
We had such a blast yesterday! The girls always surprise me with their Halloween choices. This year they cycled through a few ideas before settling on a bunny and a mummy.

Though we usually make our costumes, we ended up buying a bunny outfit for Calamity Jane since the late decision tested my limited crafting skills. But Desmonda Drama’s costume was all handmade. If you can call outfitting your child in a thermals and wrapping her in toilet paper handmade.

She looked great before we left the house but left a trail of toilet paper all over the neighborhood. Once we got to our playgroud’s annual party, the husband decided costume triage was in order. Our bed sheet was sacrificed only to also come apart. Lesson learned.

In honor of the holiday, I did my own transformation and did my hair and put on lipstick. Amazing what a difference that makes. Check it out…

Give it a try yourself. There’s something to this whole feeling better when you look better thing. And when you do, you could win some pretty awesome prizes. Click through to find out how!
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Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Here it is: my Holiday Gift Guide for 2014! Gifts are definitely my love language and I love sharing the best finds for your gift giving needs. I will be sharing ideas throughout the month as well as oodles of giveaways. So bookmark this page and check back often!

And don’t forget to use Ebates while shopping online to earn cash back!

Holiday Gift Guide

Click through for a link to all of the gift ideas and giveaways. It will be updated throughout the month of November!
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Forget Ebola, Take Care of the Flu

This post about flu shots (TLDR? Get one now!) is in partnership with Minute Clinic.
Minute Clinic Flu shot
Lately my Facebook feed has been filled with hysteria about Ebola. Friends, I know those click bait headlines are hard to ignore but if you spend your time reading about quarantine policies by state, you’re missing out on protecting you and your family about something a lot more likely to befall you, the flu.

After all, your chances of getting Ebola are a million to one (< - completely made up non-scientific fact) but your chances of getting flu are a lot more likely. And there's nothing you can do about Ebola besides not become a health care worker or travel to certain parts of Africa. But flu prevention is as close as your nearest Minute Clinic.
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Cars.Com Gives Good #NewCarFace

It’s the little things they say, but sometimes it’s the big things. Like a new car. Thanks to for sponsoring this post!

New Car Face Logo

Recently I started the application to become an Uber driver. They are headed to my city and it seemed like a good way to add some extra income to our travel budget. When I told my husband he informed me that no one was going to want to pay to ride around in my mom mobile. My response was that I wanted to use his car.

His face looked like I wanted to sell off our first born. Which might have not been so off the mark. He loves his Mazda. Oh that 3 and the car shopping journey we went through But it was worth all the research on and the FOUR WEEK wait for it to come in from the dealer just to see to get to that new car face he has been wearing every time we ride in it.

If you want to have your own blissful car shopping journey use to take the drama out it. but now they’re taking it out of new cars by paying off someone’s car loan up to $25,000.

Just imagine how being this happy to have won!
#newcarface Social Image 1

Click through for details!
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